Download SPMC 16.6.0 Now

SPMC Splash Screen

Kodi contributor Koying has released SPMC 16.6.0, a Kodi fork with optimizations for Android devices. You can download SPMC 16.6.0 directly from Koying’s site.

This latest version is primarily a bug fix release, with a number of fixes and minor additions.

SPMC 16.6.0 Changelog

  • ADD: “Visible behind” for Android TV
  • ADD: “Now playing” for Android TV
  • FIX: HD audio IEC on N (Shield + Mi)
  • FIX: use PT RAW for re-encoding if selected- FIX: 3D -> 2D in amcs
  • FIX: windowed amc
  • ADD: Dynamic amcs surfaces
  • FIX: amcs rotation
  • FIX: plugin cache
  • ADD: zeroconf via API
  • FIX: 4K GUI
  • FIX: High CPU load
  • ADD: Smoothstreaming
  • FIX: crash on exit with NFS

If you’re currently using SPMC, you can update via the Google Play store or download SPMC 16.6.0 from the official site’s download page.

If you’re wanting to set up SPMC, check out my SPMC setup guide and my comprehensive Kodi setup guide for more info.

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    is there a spmc for window devices i.e. computers w/windows 7,8 or 10?

    • Hi John,

      There’s no SPMC for Windows – I’d recommend using Kodi on Windows devices. I’d recommend checking out my detailed Kodi setup guide.

      • AKAmYkee

        the latest version (16.6.0) does not have support for windows yet,
        but if you download 16.5.5 there is an executable file (.exe) available
        that will work with windows on koying’s github