Best Fidget Spinner 2017: Find the Best Fidget Spinners Available

Everyone’s going crazy for​ fidget spinners. With so many models on the market, trying to find the best fidget spinner of 2017 can be a challenge. Which fidget spinner should you buy? What’s the best fidget spinner bearing? Do fidget spinners help with anxiety or ADHD?

There’s lots of questions out there so I’ve pulled together my picks for the best fidget spinners of 2017 as well as a comprehensive fidget spinner buying guide to help you make the right decision.

Whilst I’m skeptical about the therapeutic benefits of fidget spinners, they’re incredibly fun to play with and a great way to keep your hands occupied. I often find myself playing with them whilst watching a movie.

Anyway, let’s get into the list of the best fidget spinners of 2017.

Best Fidget Spinners 2017

Neatmaster Brass Fidget Spinner

Best Fidget Spinner: Neatmaster Fidget Spinner


  • Copper construction for added durability
  • Up to 6 minute spin time


  • Requires some breaking in
  • Only available in gold

The gold Neatmaster Brass fidget spinner boasts impressive specs that currently has a 5 star rating on amazon with 130 reviews, making it one of the best fidget spinners on Amazon.

With a 100% copper construction, comfortable concave grip and a spin time up to 6 minutes, this particular fidget spinner is easily one of the best fidget spinners of 2017.

The all-metal construction gives the Neatmaster a pleasant weight and helps provide momentum for its lengthy spin times.

That said, some say it needs some breaking in to get the best performance out of it.

It’s also only available in gold, so those wanting a different color will be disappointed.

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Unicorn Spinner v3.0

Best Fidget Spinner: Unicorn Spinner


  • 2nd Generation Hybrid Ceramic hybrid bearing for lengthy spin times
  • Dust-proof pouch included for secure transport


  • Durable ABS frame not as nice as metal alternatives
  • Mid-range spin times

The Unicorn Spinner v3.0 fidget spinner uses the popular tri-spinner design featuring 3 weights for smooth spins. Spin times of 2-3 minutes are achieved thanks to the second generation Si3N4 hybrid ceramic bearing.

An injection-moulded ABS plastic frame makes the Unicorn Spinner v3.0 lightweight and durable, though the plastic construction doesn’t feel as premium as all-metal fidget spinners like the Neatmaster Brass fidget spinner.

The included dust-proof pouch is a nice addition, that helps keep your fidget spinner bearings as clean as possible when you’re on the go.

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Rnging Antique Fidget Spinner

Best Fidget Spinner: Rnging Antique Fidget Spinner


  • Zinc alloy body
  • Attractive medieval-inspired design


  • Mid-range spin times

There’s no doubt that the Rnging Antique fidget spinner is an impressive-looking fidget toy.

Using a compact, bar-style form factor with distinct medieval shields and a distressed brass look, this is definitely one unique looking gadget.

Thankfully, it’s not just a great-looking fidget spinner. The Rnging Antique fidget spinner features a 100% zinc alloy body with stainless steel bearings. This allows Rnging’s fidget toy to achieve spins of 3-5 minutes.

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Gorilla Spinners Fidget Spinner

Best Fidget Spinner: Gorilla Spinners Fidget Spinner


  • R188-size bearing for improved spin times
  • Attractive minimalist design


  • Mid-range spin times
  • Non-removable bearings

The Gorilla Spinners fidget spinner is one of the most popular fidget toys on Amazon.

Its tri-bar design and distinct metal ball weights offer excellent balance and make this fidget toy great for tricks. Those metal weights also offer another “fidget” activity so it’s like getting two fidget toys in one!

The Gorilla Spinners’ R188-sized stainless steel bearings offer improved spin times over 608-sized bearings. This allows the Gorilla Spinners fidget spinner to achieve around 3 minutes of spin time.

A rubberised plastic body offers excellent durability and low weight, though spin times won’t be as high as equivalent metal spinners.

The included metal storage tin is a nice touch, offering a great way to store your fidget spinner when not in use.

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Titanium Alloy Fidget Spinner

Best Fidget Spinner: Titanium Alloy Fidget Spinner


  • Incredibly cheap at under $5
  • All-metal body


  • Painted metal coating may wear
  • Variable quality

If you’re looking for a cheap fidget spinner, you can’t go past the bar-styled “Titanium Alloy” fidget spinner. It made my best fidget spinner list because it’s so cheap at under $5.

Whilst it’s definitely not titanium, it features a durable all-metal body with stainless steel bearings. This allows it to achieve spin times of 3-5 minutes.

The downside is that there have been reports of varying quality, though mine’s been going fine for the last few months.

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Best Fidget Spinner Buying Guide

Best Fidget Spinners Buyers Guide

If you want to buy the best fidget spinner, you’ll need to know what to look for.

What is a fidget spinner?

A Fidget spinner is a gadget designed to occupy your hands like clicking a pen or tapping on a desk. They’re similar to other fidget toys like the ever-popular fidget cube.

Fidget spinners feature weights that rotate around a smooth bearing. This allows them to spin for minutes without touching them.

There’s usually an indented finger grip attached to the bearings to hold them, though not all fidget spinners have them.

What can you do with a fidget spinner?

There’s plenty you can do with a fidget spinner.

Most people just hold it between their thumb and forefinger and spin it with their index finger.

Other do tricks like spinning them up and throwing them from hand to hand. The only real limit is your imagination.

Where to Buy Fidget Spinners?

Whether you’re looking for the best fidget spinners on the market, or just want to pick up some cheap fidget spinners as gifts, there’s plenty of stores that stock these popular fidget toys.

Online retailers like Amazon, GearBest, GeekBuying and Banggood offer huge ranges of fidget spinners, with prices ranging from a few dollars into the hundreds.

Best Fidget Spinner Features

If you want the best fidget spinner, look out for the following features:

  • High-quality bearings
  • Long Spin Times
  • Durable Construction
  • Comfortable
  • Portable

High-Quality Bearings

A Fidget spinner it’s only as good as it’s bearings.

A Fidget spinner it’s only as good as it’s bearings

The bearings are the heart of the fidget spinner and a cheap bearing will hurt the experience.

Cheap bearings can make the fidget spinner wobble due to poor tolerances or rapidly lose speed due to friction, reducing its spin time and your ability to perform tricks.

Long Spin Times

Spin times generally go hand in hand with good quality bearings.

The best fidget spinners boast spin times of over 3 minutes, with some models achieving over 6 minutes.

The best fidget spinners boast spin times of over 3 minutes

Durable Construction

Fidget Spinners can be made of a variety of materials though the most common are metal and plastic.

Plastic fidget spinners tend to be cheaper and lighter than their metal counterparts, making them far easier to transport.

However, all-metal designs have more weight, offering additional momentum when spinning to achieve longer spin times.


The best fidget spinners have comfortable designs that are nice to hold.

Look for fidget spinners featuring large arms and rounded edges.

Whilst there’s an increasing number of “bad ass” fidget spinners featuring blade-like arms, these aren’t particularly comfortable to use and the sharp edges could pose a safety hazard.


There’s no point having a fidget spinner if you can’t fidget with it. Like with cameras, the best fidget spinner is the one with you!

The best fidget spinner is the one with you!

Types of Bearings

All Metal/Stainless Steel

Standard Fidget spinner bearings are the most common type of fidget spinner bearings

Standard bearings feature steel races and balls and require some break in time to reach peak performance.

They appear in most fidget spinners thanks to their excellent combination of low cost and solid performance.

Hybrid Ceramic

Ceramic hybrid bearings try to get the best of both both standard and full Ceramic bearings by combining steel races with ceramic balls.

Rolling resistance is reduced compared to standard bearings for a longer spin time, though you won’t see the same performance as full Ceramic bearings.

Full Ceramic

Full Ceramic bearings like these from VXB are the Rolls Royce of fidget spinner bearings.

With ceramic races and balls, they offer reduced rolling resistance for the best fidget spinner performance.

That said, they are more pricey than other types of bearings, so fidget spinners featuring full ceramic bearings tend to be more expensive.

Best Fidget Spinners 2017: Recap

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