Google Chromecast 2 Improves Wifi and Adds Features for $35

Google recently revealed the Chromecast 2 at their recent September 29th event. With the original Chromecast being a massive hit, the search giant is claiming that the new and improved model will over an improved streaming experience.

What’s new in the Chromecast 2?

The first thing you notice about the Chromecast 2 is its design, with Google moving to a disc design rather than the original’s dongle shape. The male HDMI plug is now on a flexible cable, rather than integrated into the body like it was previously. This should help reduce interference by keeping the Chromecast further away from the TV.

They’ve also improved the hardware, adding dual band Wireless AC, 3 antennas, Fast Play and gaming support.

Fast Play should make things far more pleasant, as anyone who’s used the original Chromecast knows it can be a little slow playing media. It’ll apparently pre-fetch content you’ll want to watch to allow it to start streaming instantly.

It doesn’t seem that 4K will be supported but there’s a chance that 1080p60 will be supported, particularly given YouTube’s recent support of the increased framerates.

Google are also updating the Chromecast app to list apps installed on your smartphone that are Chromecast-compatible which should make it easier to find content to watch.

As an avid Chromecast fan, I personally can’t wait to get my hands on the new model.

Getting One

The Chromecast 2 will be available across multiple countries for around US$35. It’ll come in 3 colors: black, pink and yellow.

Keep posted for availability info.


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