Android N Comes to the HiMedia Q10 Pro

HiMedia have been hard at work bringing Android N to their flagship HiMedia Q10 Pro Android TV box (read my review here).

This makes the HiMedia Q10 Pro one of the first (if not the first) Android TV box to receive Android 7.0.

The firmware is considered to be in development so expect bugs. However, if you’re wanting to try out Google’s latest OS, you can download the Android N firmware here.

However, if you’re currently running Android 5.1, you’ll need to upgrade to the Milestone firmware first.

I’ve embedded the full changelog below:

  • Samba not working fixed
  • UPNP not working fixed
  • Crash of the box when click Wifi hotpot fixed
  • Wifi button and Bluetooth button not working in the More settings fixed
  • Latin input supported
  • Wrapper app supported
  • Widevine 13 supported
  • 24HZ button not working fixed
  • Fault device name in HiControl fixed
  • Fixed the wrong display ratio when side-by-side 3D movie is played in 2D
  • Add more fonts,subtitles better supported
  • Focus of the media center is optimized


Have you tried out Android N on your HiMedia Q10 Pro? Let me know in the comments!

Zidoo Release Firmware 1.0.42 for the Zidoo X6 Pro Android TV Box

Zidoo have released updated a firmware for the Rockchip RK3368-powered Zidoo X6 Pro.

Firmware 1.0.42 brings a mix of new features and bug fixes.

I’ve embedded the full changelog below:


  • Added a function that wake up the standby TVset simultaneously when you power on the box.(HDMI CEC)
  • Upgraded HappyCast.This time the App been placed the user’s partition so that users can uninstall it as they like.


  • The arrangement of apps in the Apps list enriched,there are 3 ways which are alphabetical,installation time and usage frequency to reorder apps.


  • Fixed the issue that fail to fetch the info from the server sometimes.


  • Fixed the installation error of some APP.


Optimized the UI

  • Add background bokeh effect
  • Fixed the issue that no defalut picture showed on the search UI
  • Fixed some translation mistakes

Added NFS support

  • Allow to add a custom NFS device
  • Added both devices and directory support

Added episodes system

  • The videos which have the same movie info will be combined into one “episodes” album, and be showed as one poster.
  • A list button added,users can choose and play.

Issues Fixed

  • Added a action to reflesh the tags when start the APP
  • Fixed a issue that display empty when enter a custom directory.
  • Fixed a issue that fail to scan when a file’s name is same as a device’s name
  • Fixed a mistake caused by mouse
  • Fixed a save problem after the scan

Improved the identify of the movies

  • “,”and “.”will be treated as blank


Optimized UI

  • Inconspicuous dialog improved
  • Jittering when enter the Favorite list improved.
  • Refresh the UI after delete files.

Graphic engine improved

Fixed issues

  • Aborted when scanning SMB devices.
  • Aborted when using mouse
  • Fail to exit when broswing the SMB devices and the network interrupted
  • Aborted sometimes when appearing translucence animation
  • Fail to display the favorite icon

Adjust some functions

  • Not to kill the entities of SMB and NFS when quit their UI lest affecting the APP which using SMB and NFS on background.

Stability improved

  • Handled the condition of network error from remote device.
  • Avoid the crash from fetch the device’s name.

You can download the OTA update from Zidoo here.

Instructions for how to upgrade your Zidoo device can be found over at their support site.

MINIX NEO U1 Firmware FW010 Now Available

MINIX have released firmware FW010 for the MINIX NEO U1 (You can read my review of it here).

The changelog consists mainly of bug fixes and app updates.

I’ve embedded the full changelog below:


  • Updated Miracast app
  • Fixed Wi-Fi static IP connection issue
  • Updated MINIX XBMC app to fix HD audio passthrough issue (Build 20160911)
  • Removed system broswer to allow Android system webview support
  • Added Chrome browser (You may also install your own preferred browsers)
  • Modification to support up to 5 USB devices
  • New mouse icon of medium size
  • Fixed audio issue on some games (e.g. PACMAN 256)
  • Added a software switch for video layer output (default is still OSD layer)
  • Fixed some x265 video playback issues (e.g. Dragon Ball Super)
  • Fixed ghosting, smoke effect on some SD videos


  • Fixed X264/X265/VC-1 playback/seek & audio out of sync issues
  • Fixed HD audio passthrough 90-95 minutes sound loss issue
  • Improved .mpg video playback smoothness
  • Removed non-supported settings options

You can upgrade to firmware FW010 on the MINIX NEO U1 via the MINIX OTA app if you’re on firmware FW009A.

For more information, check the release post over at the MINIX forums.

Zidoo Release Firmware 1.2.4 for the Zidoo X9S Android TV Box

Zidoo have released updated firmware for their new flagship Android TV box, the Zidoo X9S.

Firmware 1.2.4 brings with it a lengthy changelog, featuring a mix of new features and bugfixes.

I’ve embedded the full changelog below:



  • Occasionally failure on the Auto OSD language setting (A CEC function)
  • Occasionally invalidation on the Auto Power On From TV setting(A CEC function)
  • Abnormally sound recorded from HDMI IN
  • Blurred or unstabble screen of a small number of the HDR videos
  • Some MVC MKV videos not that smooth
  • (6)Black screen occur to some MPEG4 encode videos


  • The BT function issue fixed
  • The TimeMachine issue fixed


  • Subtitle be trimmed when it be moved to the bottom of screen.
  • Sometimes the 3D MVC videos displayed as 24Hz but not 23.976Hz in a certain condition.
  • Some spelling mistakes of UI revised.
  • DVD ISO can’t be controlled by remote for the focus lost.
  • Issue of set primary eye on watch 3D video(Right eye first).
  • Some MVC MKV have not be identified rightly as MVC format.
  • Videoplayer failed to exit when a error occurred in the meantime play mode set as single cycle.



  • A Color Mode Space setting added.(RGB 444,YUV444,YUV422,YUV420)
  • Set CEC Off as a default setting
  • Compatibility of playback improved.
  • IOS 10 supported in airplay and air mirror.


  • Stability of OPENWRT system improved.


  • 3D to 2D function added.
  • The default value of character encoding of external subtitle’s will be saved after power off.
  • The speed of loading of video improved significantly.
  • 25fps and 50fps added in the switch of frame rates.
  • The bookmark closed as default.
  • The bookmark popup cancelled.
  • The fonts library of subtitle changed into a better one.

You can download the OTA update from Zidoo here.

Instructions for how to upgrade your Zidoo device can be found over at their support site.

Ugoos Release Firmware v0.0.6 for the UGOOS AM1 & AM2

UGOOS have released firmware v0.0.6 for the Ugoos AM1 and Ugoos AM2 Android TV boxes.

Ugoos, as usual, have added a host of new features and bug fixes in this firmware.

Firmware v0.0.6 brings their Gamepad settings application, additional remote functions, and custom NTP server support (allowing you to sync with your preferred time server)


I’ve embedded the full changelog below:

New Features

  • Added Gamepad Settings to Ugoos settings
  • Daydream: added ability of disabling wake up from motions
  • Translation changes (TvSettings, Settings, reboot dialog)
  • AM1 RC: Added “Recent apps” button. Changed “mute” button (red button on RC)
  • AM1 RC: “play-pause” button now working
  • Added longpress event for “menu” button (hide/show status and navigation bars)
  • Added longpress event for “Recent apps” button (enable/disable mouse mode)
  • Added ability to enter NTP server (Date & time Settings)
  • TvSettings: added check input parameters for File server Settings
  • Changed boot animation


  • Fixed Voice Search microphone bug
  • TvSettings: Fixed crash bug of daydream timers
  • Fixed crash “UPDATE&BACKUP” bug
  • Fixed flashing of power menu from remote controller
  • Launcher3. Fixed focus indicator (hidebar bug)
  • Fixed sdcard mount bug

You can download the update via OTA or from the UGOOS blog post.

Ugoos Release Firmware v1.1.2 for the UGOOS UT4

UGOOS have released new firmware for the UGOOS UT4, bringing it up to v1.1.2. The company has been hard at work adding new features and fixing bugs.

Firmware v1.1.2 brings with it a new Ethernet Switcher, allowing you to select additional Ethernet ports on the device (such as those connected via USB).

HDMI Color mode support has been added, allowing you to select from a number of color modes, including RGB and YCbCr color spaces.

Lastly, enhanced Automatic Framerate support has been added, allowing the framerate to be adjusted based on system resolution, video resolution priority or frequency resolution priority.

I’m not 100% sure what the impact of these options are so I’m reaching out for more clarification

I’ve embedded the full changelog below:

  • Fixed mount bugs
  • Improved playback
  • Fixed bug when the TV does not show image from hdmi after boot/reboot
  • Applied RKMC patches
  • Added autoframerate settings (Settings -> Display -> Autoframerate)
  • Added HDMI Color Mode Settings (Settings -> Display -> HDMI Color Mode)
  • Now state of connection to PC is saved after reboot
  • Fixed touch sounds bug
  • Added switcher of Ethernet interfaces (Settings -> Ethernet)
  • Gamepad Settings: fixed bug of “Delete Profile” button when there is no connected devices
  • Gamepad Settings: added mouse filter
  • Gamepad Settings: added reaction to connection / disconnection of devices
  • Ugoos Kodi v.16.1
  • Fixed wifi channels bug
  • Hardware Monitor: fixed crash sleep bug
  • Changed boot animation

You can download the update via OTA or from the UGOOS blog post.

Zidoo X6 Pro v1.0.38 Firmware Released. OTA Available Next Week

Zidoo have released their latest firmware for the Zidoo X6 Pro. Firmware v1.0.38 brings a whole host of bugfixes, in addition to the new Zidoo Helper app which features various guides and tutorials for the box.

Zidoo X6 Pro v1.0.38 Firmware Changelog

  • Fixed the login issue(Google Play store)
  • Rewrote the ZDMC’s codec for Rockchip chipset by using a new method for passthrough. Update to 16.1,use the new audio API IEC61937,Fixed the issue of audio out of sync
  • Fixed the undetectable of sdcard sometimes
  • Adjusted and optimized some system permissions
  • Adjusted operation of adding device directory in ZIDOO Theater ,optimized scan mode to improve the matching accuracy
  • Solved the problem that ZIDOO Theater occasionally force stop
  • Solved MediaCenter occasionally “Unknown err” error result in failue of access the appropriate directory
  • Added the Zidoo Helper apk,you can search for useful userguide and tutorials in it
  • Optimized auto frame rate switching for 3d videos on VideoPlayer
  • Optimized compatibility of some third-party video applications

You can grab the OTA update now from the Zidoo forum post and install it manually or wait for the OTA update to be loaded onto Zidoo’s servers next week.

If you’re interested in the Zidoo X6 Pro Android box, I’d recommend checking out my detailed review. The Zidoo X6 Pro is available from GeekBuying, Banggood, AmazonAliExpress for around $100.

UGOOS AM1 Firmware 0.0.3 Released

Hot on the heels of their other firmware releases, UGOOS is at it again with the release of firmware v0.0.3 for the UGOOS AM1, their new Amlogic S905-powered Android mini PC.

The key changes are the adding of the new UGOOS launcher and the ability to root the box via the Settings menu. I’ve embedded the changelog below

New Features

  • Added Ugoos Launcher
  • Root support (switch in menu)
  • Extended power menu options

Bug Fixes

  • Support new remote layout
  • USB OTG port now turn to slave/active mode automatically

The update can be download via OTA or from the download links in the blog post.

Have you updated yet? Let us know in the comments below!

UGOOS Release Android 5.1 Firmware for UT3, UM3 and UT3S Devices

Android TV box manufacturer Ugoos has just released their long awaited Android 5.1 firmware for their excellent UT3, UM3 and UT3S Android TV boxes powered by the (still) powerful Rockchip RK3288 SoC. You can read my review of the UGOOS UT3S here.

I believe this makes UGOOS the first to have released a stable Android 5.1 firmware for Rockchip RK3288 devices which is a massive milestone in and of itself.

The changelog is pretty comprehensive and brings a whole host of new features and bug fixes to the supported devices:

  • IPTVLauncher was replased by Ugoos Launcher
  • Added Chinese and Russian localization in Settings
  • Now firmware has only one partition
  • Added Multiuser support
  • Updated Multiwindow mode
  • Included Wifi optimization
  • Added support Fireasy app
  • Added samba server
  • Fixed bug with button “Dismiss all” in “Recent Apps” window
  • Added support Google Widevine DRM
  • Fixed bug with wrong colors in some apps (black background in ES File Explorer)
  • Added ability to select usb sound card in Sound Device manager
  • Added usb 3G Modems support

As the firmware update changes the partitions, you’ll need to flash the firmware via Rockchip’s flash tool so make sure you back up everything before the update. The process is pretty straightforward using UGOOS’ instructions.

UGOOS has advised that future updates will be delivered via OTA as before.

There’s some pretty big changes here, particularly with the new UGOOS launcher, multi-user support and enabling of Google Widevine DRM.


I’ve already flashed my UT3S with the new Android 5.1 firmware and it’s looking promising. The new launcher looks great and everything feels pretty stable after several hours of gaming and web browsing. Keep posted for my full review

Grab the new firmware from the links in the UGOOS Blog post.

Are you going to install UGOOS new firmware? Let us know in the comments below