VidOn Box Review

Trying to find the ideal XBMC/Kodi box is a tough preposition. With so many Android boxes out there, which one should you choose? VidOn have come to the table with the VidOn box, a gorgeous aluminium box packing a quadcore Allwinner A31S chipset.

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Logitech Harmony 650 Review Image 1

Logitech Harmony 650 Review


I’ve written about my love of the Logitech Harmony series of remotes several times, and even covered how to set them up. But for the discerning buyer (or if you’re as detail-obsessed as I am), simply being told something is awesome is not enough. That said, I’ve decided to review the Logitech Harmony 650, which has been a staple of my home theatre system for a number of years. Even though this remote has been in the market for a while, it continues to be one of the best – attractive, simple to use and setup and helps you shelve the 500 other remotes you’ll inevitably have as you expand your home theatre setup.

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