Deals: TomTop Home Theatre and VR Sale

TomTop are currently running a promo on various Home Theatre and Virtual Reality gear until the 30th of May.

There’s a few TV boxes, projectors such as the ever-popular UNIC UC40 LED projector, and various VR headsets, including the $320 DeePoon E2 with their integrated 1080p Samsung screen.

There’s a couple of decent deals such as the VR BOX headset for $16.50 but YMMV.

If you’re interested, check out the sale over at TomTop and use coupon “8TV” to get 8% off orders over $100.

Deals: Zeblaze Smartwatches On Sale Until The 27th of May

Tomtop are currently running a promo on Zeblaze’s full range of smartwatches.

On sale are the Zeblaze Crystal, Cosmo and even the company’s latest smartwatch, the Zeblaze Miniwear

Prices are decent, starting at $39.99 for the Zeblaze Crystal up to $54.99 for the Zeblaze Cosmo.

All the watches offer Android and iOS compatibility, and include various features including fitness tracking and heartrate monitors. Just note that both the Cosmo and Miniwear use higher resolution IPS displays resulting in a much more pleasant experience.

I’ve reviewed both the Zeblaze Crystal and Zeblaze Cosmo and found both to be excellent smartwatches. They have their quirks but they pack an impressive amount of functionality into their frames. I often wear my Cosmo as it’s such a nice watch.

If you’re interested in grabbing one of Zeblaze’s smartwatches, check out the sale.