Zidoo X9 Firmware v1.0.2.9 Released

Zidoo have firmware v1.0.2.9 for the Zidoo X9, an Android media player that supports HDMI recording. You can read our review of the Zidoo X9 here.

Firmware v1.0.2.9 brings numerous bug fixes and a few new features. I’ve provided the official changelog below:

1. Fixed the problem that wifi can’t search the 5G signal for 36/40/44/48 channels.
2. It will not scan the Samba path when music player scans music files automatically.
3. It will not scan the Samba path when picture manager scans picture files automatically.
4. The user name and password can be record by Samba.
5. Added new function that can set new show or not show the hidden files.
6. Added new function that sorting files according to their sizes and types.
7. Added new setting whether pop-up prompts when connected to the USB.
8. Added new setting that the display mode of Samba according to its address or host name.
9. There will be no extra hints after pull out USB when unload.
10.It will not search automatically any longer next time, when user had a SMB equipment.
11.Fixed the problems that the position of scroll bar isn’t correct when refresh the list, it can paste the file without suffix,it will has an emergency stop when files are in the same name.
12.In OTA application, adding the button for entering recovery interface.
13.In OTA application, modified the cues when the OTA network had error.
14.Modified the recording interface and the writing style.
15.Modified the prompt icon when deleted recording files on the recorder interface.
16.Modified the RC interface of mobile phone.
17.Adding support for multiple applications in Vietnamese.
18.To speed up the recovery backup and recovery.
19.Added the backup of system partition in the recovery.
20.Added the saving function on the subtitles plugin setting.
21.Added the optional function between feature and tidbit on blu-ray disc.
22.Fixed the problem of proportion display on the local video.
23.Added support of Thai coding.
24.Fixed the problem that recovery part couldn’t update on the OTA upgrade.
25.Update XBMC with 14.1 version, it can call native player to play local video directly.
26.Remove Mcast apk.

You can download the new firmware from here or via OTA.

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Zidoo X9 Firmware v1.0.2.8 Released

Zidoo have really been working hard on software updates, releasing firmware v1.0.2.8 for the Zidoo X9, the Android media player with HDMI recording. You can read our review of the Zidoo X9 here.

Firmware v1.0.2.8 brings a significant number of bug fixes. I’ve provided the official changelog below:

1,Optimization record, when recording for the TS format , VLC can not play, video and audio out of sync issues
2,Repair open WiFi set probability lead to system settings without response issues
3,Remote control shortcut keys [16:9] remove the ZOOM1 and ZOOM2 options
4,Default set to open the WiFi
5,When installing apk google play verify that the default is off
6,Remove the built-in GoogleMap application
7, For reservation recording time changed to 12/24 hours
8,Repair a plurality of recording path does not display issues
9,Increase recording to a samba device(ensure shared SMB account has permissions to write, in the Explorer have login access)
10,Optimization of SMB access, give priority to display the user name
11, Increase in external storage device unmount function
12,Repair the probability of no response to access the hard disk
13,Increased by host name to add Samba device function
14, Repair mouse clicks NFS didn’t respond issues
15,Clean up tip “has been very smooth” change to “Task Completed”.
16, Repair when zidoo remote control lose network to stop running issues
17,Repair the audio code info error of video player
18,Repair select subtitles (idx+sub) stop running issues
19,Repair probability does not focus on external subtitles, need to manually add issues
20,Repair after play BDMV/ISO, playing another video have not seek function issues
21,Repair individual subtitles selection encode stop running issues
22,Long press on the remote control home keys to open multi task management interface, up or down key to kill the current process

You can download the new firmware from here or via OTA.

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Zidoo X9 Firmware v1.0.2.7 Released

Zidoo have released new firmware for the Zidoo X9, the Android media player that supports HDMI recording which we have reviewed previously.

According to Zidoo, firmware v1.0.2.7 brings a number of bug fixes and new features. The biggest addition seems to be a drastically revamped file manager

I’ve included the full changelog below:

System Update:
Add the recovery function, press the recovery key to boot.
If can’t find MstarUpgrade.bin in USB DISK, enter into the interface of recovery.
Change the color of the recovery interface.
The backup menu on the interface of recovery, only backup user data and tv data.

Zidoo RC
>> Add the remote control of Android mobile phone, easier operation, support a variety of operation ways.
The choices of operation: button code/ handle code/ mouse code/ gestures code.
Add the management APP of cell phone.
Add the function of screenshots.

Zidoo UI
Add the icon of redraw.
Modify the problem of returning to setting interface according to the menu.
Optimize the flash move.

Video Player
Solve the problem of subtitle gibberish, adding the switch function of subtitle encoding.
Add the codes of identification subtitles automatically.
Add the movement function on the basis of units on the location of subtitle.
There won’t be any mistake while the screen scaling and choosing the Default.

>> The new UI, more intuitive experience, more easier and quicker operation ways, smoother running.
New functions:
Add the create file/folder function.
Add the multiple choices function, operating multiple files simultaneously.
Add the function of view to switch: let list/ network work by yourself.
Add the function of page turning, for finding files faster.
Add the function of show ways while screening, change the screen way whenever you want, operating by yourself.
Add the route function, and you can operate with mouse, keeping the current location at anytime.
Add the function of file details shown, making the information (modified time/ type/size,etc.)clearer.
Add the manual search function of SAMBA and NFS.
Add the adding function for SAMBA, don’t worry to search no device.
Add the logout/ delete function for SAMBA, removing traces more convenient.
Add the pop-up function while inserting an external storage device.
Add the anonymous logon function for users.
Add pop-up function for repeat file name/out of free space,when paste file.
Speed up start-up, for entering apps faster.
Improve the main UI, for all the operation clear, no more red tapes to switch interface.
Improve the searching way of SMB, for searching more precise.
Optimize entirely the support of mouse operating, for operating more simple.

Zidoo have been doing an excellent job of supporting the Zidoo X9 with firmware updates, having released 3 already since the devices released. It’s refreshing to see a company dedicated to their devices, rather than the “iterate and abandon” approach of some manufacturers.

You can download the new firmware update from here.

I’ll be updating my Zidoo X9 as soon as possible to test out the new changes so keep posted for an updated guide.

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Zidoo X9 Review

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