VidOn Box update adds full 1080p UI output

Geekbuying announced on their blog that the VidOn box has finally been updated to support 1080p output for the UI.

You may have read in my VidOn Box review that my biggest criticism was that 1080p playback was only capable through the VidOn XBMC fork. With this release, stock Kodi installs should also have true 1080p playback. This means that you can get all the latest fixes and features from Kodi.

Additionally, apps such as YouTube should now support 1080p playback. Previously, this was capped at 720p due to the UI limitiation.

This is a massive update for a box that I called “physically stunning with above-average video support“.

Download links for the update can be found here.

I’ll be installing the new firmware and testing it out so keep posted for the results.

If you want your own VidOn box, you can purchase one  from Geekbuying or Amazon.

[via GeekBuying Blog]


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2 thoughts on “VidOn Box update adds full 1080p UI output”

  1. They are still GPL violators.

    The box is still broken in many respects.

    And Kodi does not do youtube in 1080p (although some other app on the vidon box might).

    • I was referring to 1080p in the YouTube app. Previously it was restricted to 720p output due to the UI resolution lock.


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