X3 Android TV Box Runs Remix OS and VidOn XBMC

The X3 is a new Android TV Box powered by the Allwinner H3. Spec-wise, it’s nothing exciting. It features 1Gb of RAM, 8Gb of internal storage, b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and fast Ethernet.

Where it starts to get interesting is that it can run Remix OS, a Windows-like flavor of Android that features a taskbar and windowed applications.

It also comes pre-installed with VidOn XBMC rather than vanilla Kodi. As mentioned in my VidOn Box review, VidOn XBMC is based on Kodi 14.2 Helix and offers a number of paywalled features such as Bluray Menu navigation and HD audio passthrough.

X3 Technical Specifications

  • Operating System: Android KitKat 4.4
  • Chipset: Allwinner H3
  • CPU: ARM Quad-core A7 up to 1.5 GHz
  • GPU: MALI400MP2 @600MHz
  • Memory: 1GB DDR3
  • Internal Storage: 8GB NAND + MicroSD card slot
  • Connectivity: 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Audio/Video Output: HDMI 1.4, Composite Video Out
  • Interfaces: 2 x USB 2.0

Inside the box, you’ll get the X3 Android TV box, IR remote control, HDMI cable, power adapter and a user manual.

Getting One

The X3 Android TV box can be purchased from GeekBuying for under $60.


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4 thoughts on “X3 Android TV Box Runs Remix OS and VidOn XBMC”

    • Haven’t seen you around lately – thought you’d vanished!

      In my tests with other Allwinner H3 devices, most codecs were fine, but 4K H.264 isn’t smooth which is frustrating as it’s something Allwinner was boasting about in their press releases.

      • Oh I never left been watching…! Ha ha! Been enjoying my xiaomi audio products especially the Bluetooth speaker which with the aid of viper4android pushed it way beyond what it is suppose to do!. Anyway back to h3 reason I ask I have two teens here And they use kodi on my vega. But I wanted to buy a box or stick for both and I remembered the review of tronsmart h3 stick having problems.

        • I really need to check out viper4android.

          It’s mainly 4K that was broken. Hopefully a firmware update will fix it. Common codecs were fine however.


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