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Wecome to Home Theatre Life!

My name\’s Michael and I\’m passionate about Home Theatre and technology. Having developed my expertise for many years now, I decided it was time to share my knowledge with the world via Home Theatre Life. 

Starting with the a modified original Xbox to the HTPC that I currently use, I have always been fascinated with multimedia, networking and the connected home.

With technology rapidly changing, there is never a better time to start building out your multimedia kit.

Home Theatre Life aims to help you build the home theatre system of your dreams, combining cutting edge technology, brilliant software and a keen eye on bang for your buck.

So look around and build your knowledge and follow us on TwitterFacebook and Google+ for plenty more reviews, news and deals – I\’m glad you\’ve come along for the ride!

Who Am I?



My name's Michael. I research, test and write all the reviews on Home Theatre Life. I work hard to make sure that Home Theatre Life has some of the most comprehensive reviews around so you can make the right decision every time.

Help Getting Started

The hardest part of starting your home theatre journey is knowing where to begin.

I’d recommend starting with our Android TV box reviews to get you started or you can have a look at our favorites here and learn about what you should look for when buying a TV box.

If you’ve got a suggestion for a specific product or category we should look at testing, drop me an email via the contact form.