Best Air Mouse 2017: Find the Best Air Mouse

What's the best air mouse of 2017? Find out with my best air mouse guide!

Best Air Mouse

Looking for a better way to control your HTPC or Android TV box? Whether you’re looking for the best air mouse for Android TV boxes, PCs  and more, find the best air mouse of 2017 with my handy guide!

Have you ever tried to use your HTPC with a keyboard or touchpad?

When I first built my HTPC, I decided I’d reuse an old wireless keyboard I had lying around.

Whilst it worked, the whole experience was awkward. I upgraded to an IR remote for a while until air mice started to appear online and I quickly made the upgrade and never looked back.

What is an Air Mouse?

Also known as a fly mouse, an air mouse is a gadget that allows you to control your mouse cursor by waving the remote around – much like a Nintendo Wii remote.

This makes it much faster to navigate your OS of choice, particularly if you’re using an Android TV box.

They vary in terms of features and connectivity. Some models feature an entire keyboard for easy text entry whilst others integrate gaming controllers or speakers.

There’s plenty of options out there and I’ve pulled together a few of my favorites.

Why You Need an Air Mouse

An air mouse will allow you to replace clunky mouse control with something far more intuitive. If you pick one with a keyboard, you’ll have a solid device to handle most situations, such as searching for text or navigating through Kodi.

Which is the Best Air Mouse of 2017?

There’s not a “best air mouse” out there, as each has their pros and cons. However, I’ve pulled together some of my favourites that I thoroughly recommend (in no particular order).

Mele F10 Deluxe/Mele F10 BT


MeLE makes quality products and this is why the MeLE F10 family of air mice has earned its place on my Best Air Mouse of 2017 list.

Featuring your typical air mouse controls and a full QWERTY keyboard on the back of the unit, there’s plenty of flexibility for controlling your HTPC or Android TV box.

The number key layout is a bit awkward however, requiring you to hold down the Fn key in order to access the numbers.

There’s a basic set of multimedia controls as well as a gaming mode, though it appears the gaming mode is only compatible with MeLE devices.

It comes in 2.4Hz wireless or Bluetooth variants so you can choose your wireless technology.

Check it out at the following stores:

Rikomagic MK705


The Rikomagic MK705 is a solid air mouse from the company. Packing in the usual air mouse technology with a full QWERY keyboard.

A full suite of multimedia controls makes it easy to control your movies – all from the comfort of your couch.

There’s even an IR learning function that lets you map certain buttons to those of your other IR remotes, allowing you to use the Rikomagic MK705 to control multiple devices.

The Rikomagic MK705 uses 2.4GHz wireless connectivity via a USB dongle so you’ll have plenty of range without the line-of-sight limitations of IR remotes.

Check it out at the following stores:


minix-neo-a2-lite-best-air-mouseThose who follow the world of mini PCs will be familiar with MINIX. The MINIX NEO A2 Lite is their air mouse.

The MINIX NEO A2 Lite features a full QWERTY keyboard, in addition to all the typical Android keys and multimedia buttons.

There’s also a gaming mode. However, this is only supported on MINIX’s NEO Android devices.

One point to note is that some customised key mapping need to be done in Kodi to get the back button working.

Check it out at the following stores:


Choosing a gadget is never easy and trying to find the best air mouse is no different. These 3 options represent the best I’ve found.

Do you have any suggestions for an awesome air mouse? Let me know in the comments!

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