The Best VR Games for Google Cardboard

Virtual reality is the latest exciting technology. Offering us the ability to dive into far more immersive experiences than traditional media, VR is an exciting development.

Though initially looking like solely the domain of pricey VR solutions like the Oculus Rift, Google’s own Google Cardboard allowed basic VR to be cheap. Using cardboard, some magnets, plastic lenses and your smartphone, you can get a “good enough” VR experience.

However, trying to find the best VR games for Google Cardboard can be a challenge. With so many apps boasting VR features but wildly varying quality, I’ve experienced some of the best (and worst) VR games on Google’s and Apple’s app stores to provide you the list of the best virtual reality games for Google Cardboard.

With all of these VR games, for maximum immersion, invest in a good VR headset and sound-isolating headphones.

End Space VR

End Space VR is easily the most immersive VR game I’ve played for Google Cardboard.  Placing you inside a spacecraft fighting for your life, End Space VR offers an arcade-like experience tasking you with shooting down enemy spacecraft whilst avoiding debris.

A recent update adds positional audio, making the whole experience far more immersive.

[appbox googleplay com.endspacevr ][appbox appstore id1056999701]

VR Tank Training

Enter the world of VR Tank Training, driving around a desert environment and destroying targets to get the best score. Global leaderboards are supported so you can compete against your friends to see who reins supreme.

[appbox googleplay com.dws.tankvr][appbox appstore id999943714]

Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue

An endless runner, Lamer VR: Firefly Rescue has you flying through vividly colored worlds collecting coins and powerups, all whilst trying to survive as long as possible.

There’s 5 characters to unlock, though they’re largely aesthetic changes but it gives you something to aim for.

It’s also completely free without any in-app purchases!

[appbox googleplay com.archiactinteractive.LamperVRCardboard][appbox appstore id1059593339]

InMind VR

InMind VR is an immersive VR rail shooter, taking you through the human mind to attack faulty neurons.

Graphics are top notch, 3D performance is fantastic and there’s elements of a story to round out the whole package.

[appbox googleplay com.nivalvr.inmind][appbox appstore id971720127]

InCell VR

InCell VR is an incredible experience, transporting you into a human cell that’s under attack from a virus. Combining action, racing and strategy elements with an interesting story and top-notch graphics, InCell VR is a must download.

There’s nothing quite like racing down a tube, spinning around whilst being chased.

[appbox googleplay com.nivalvr.incell][appbox appstore id1044805956]


Race through space dodging meteors and space debris, all whilst taking down enemies, in this fantastic rail shooter.

Vanguard features great graphics, voice-acted cutscenes and immersive 3D. It’s just a shame that the experience is over so quickly.

[appbox googleplay com.ZeroTransform.VanguardV][appbox appstore id1006371645]

VR One Cinema

Ok, it’s not technically a game but I couldn’t leave it off the list. VR One Cinema is a basic VR cinema that allows you to watch your movies (both 2D and 3D SBS) on a virtual silver screen.

You can move to several pre-set positions in the cinema and both your body and those inside the room are fully rendered, helping up the immersion.

The UI is pretty intuitive though the graphics are a little rudimentary but for a completely free app, it’s definitely something you should install.

[appbox googleplay de.zeiss.mmd.vronecinema][appbox appstore id945065060]

Cmoar VR Cinema Pro

If you’re wanting to upgrade your VR Cinema experience, you can’t go past Cmoar VR Cinema Pro.

Cmoar’s VR cinema ramps up the immersion with a far more detailed cinema with dynamic lighting cast by the screen. It looks incredible in action. In addition to 2D and 3D movie support, you can also watch 2D and 3D YouTube videos right in the app.

The experience comes at a slight premium, but if you’re planning to watch alot of movies in VR, it’s a small price to pay.

[appbox googleplay com.Cmoar.CmoarVirtualCinemaPro][appbox appstore id998700838]

What do you think of VR? Let us know in the comments!


Michael is a technology expert with over 15 years of experience in IT, Home Theatre and Automation. Feel free to send Michael a message here.

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