MK808B Plus Firmware Update v20141115 Released

I wrote about my impressions of the MK808B Plus last week and now it has just received its first firmware update. Geekbuying have posted download links on their blog post.

View the MK808B Plus at Geekbuying

The change log has some interesting fixes and improvements:

  • MediaBox Launcher optimization
  • Remove ‘Settings-Advanced-Location’ option of Amlogic
  • Repair the screen capture button (set to remove in the setting) turns up again after restart
  • Remove the bluetooth option in the 6181 sharing options
  • Repair no sound for notification problem
  • Google contact sync to calendar
  • Compatible with AP6330
  • Default 94% display
  • Power light adjustment
  • The name of device changed to MK808B Plus
  • Resolve the system halted problem when dragging the progress bar in video playing
  • Add the FishGame akp (can be uninstalled)

Whilst the fixes and optimisations for the MK808B Plus are always welcome additions, I’m not so happy about additional bloatware being added.

Updating the MK808B Plus

The MK808B Plus can be updated via an SD card or via PC.

Updating the MK808B Plus via SD Card

  1. UnZip the “MK808B Plus Amlogic M805-181145-20141115″ file, and copy the files in the “s85_107k4_MK808B_sdcard” folder to the root directory of an SD card.
  2. Connect your MK808B Plus to a screen with a HDMI cable, press the recovery button and then power it on. Remove the recovery button until the screen turn up a robot, then the box will start the flashing process.
  3. Once the flashing process is complete, the device will restart automatically

Updating the MK808B Plus via USB

  1. Open the “USB Burning Tool.exe” downloadable from here
  2. Select “File>Import image” to load burning image package “s85_107k4_MK808B”
  3. Select burning configuration, then click “Start”
  4. Before closing the tool, you need to pull out devices then click “Stop”

I’ll be receiving my MK808B Plus soon and will post a full review.

You can buy the MK808B Plus at Geekbuying here

[via Geekbuying]


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