Seagate Announces World-First 8TB Hard Drive

Seagate revealed that it is shipping the world’s first 8TB hard drive, perfect for the masses of music, videos and cat photos you have no doubt gathered over the years. This is an increase of the previously massive 6TB capacities available on the market.

In Seagate’s official press release Seagate’s VP of marketing, Scott Horn, states “Seagate’s new 8TB HDD provides IT managers with a new option for improving storage density in the data center, thus helping them to tackle one of the largest and fastest growing data categories within enterprise storage economically”

[pullquote-right]A new option for improving storage density in the data center[/pullquote-right]

Apart from the obviously massive storage capacity, the 8TB monster provides the standard SATA 6Gb/s interface to ensure that it only takes hours rather than tens of hours to move all that precious data.

Whilst only available to select customers at the moment, Seagate are quoting wider availability next quarter as they begin to ramp up production. No word on cost, however, given the Enterprise focus and being the first of its kind, expect it to be out of reach of most consumers.

If you’re after something a bit smaller and, inevitably, cheaper, Amazon currently have the Seagate 3TB and 4TB models available here and here respectively.

[via Seagate]


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