Nintendo Switch

Meet the Nintendo Switch – Nintendo’s New Portable/Home Gaming Console

So Nintendo have just revealed their eagerly anticipated console (video embedded above). Called the Nintendo Switch, the new device merges your traditional home-based console like the Wii U with a portable gaming console like the 3DS.

The reveal trailer shows off a console that features some pretty unique ideas, many of which I think extend into the realm of genuine usefulness rather than some of the gimmicks we’ve seen in Nintendo’s console of late.


The key feature of the Nintendo Switch is it’s ability to combine with various accessories to adapt to the situation.

The console itself appears to be a tablet-like device with a built-in kickstand. Controllers can then be slotted into the sides of the unit to use it like a Wii U controller or they can be used wirelessly for additional freedom.


When you reach the comfort of your home, just slide the tablet into the Nintendo Switch’s dock to bring the action to the big screen.

The video also revealed the existence of traditional "Pro" controllers as well as confirming that the console will be cartridge based much like the 3DS is.


There’s quite a few questions that are still unknown and won’t be answered until the Nintendo Switch is released in March 2017. However, there’s a few things that are looking likely.

Given the portable nature of the console, it looks like the Nintendo Switch will be using an ARM-based mobile chip rather than the X86-based processors in consoles like the PS4. This means that it’s unlikely to be as powerful as current gen consoles and 3rd party support may be lacking due to the complexity of porting titles from X86 to ARM based systems.

It’s going to be an interesting few months…

What do you think of the Nintendo Switch? Will you be picking one up? Let me know in the comments below