320×180 Pixel SD20 LCD Projector Sells for $37

The SD20 is a compact LCD projector that retails for under $40. Coming in at just 117 x 84 x 43 mm, the company labels it as a “toy projector”. Given its size and ultra-low resolution, this seems to be a reasonable description.

At a mere 320×180 pixel resolution, it’s seriously low (DVDs are 720×480 pixels typically) and the 40 lumens of brightness is likely to make this projector limited for small screen use in a dark room. The 300 inch screen size claimed is incredibly unrealistic.

At least the range of inputs are decent, with AV, VGA, HDMI and USB playback all supported.

There’s also a built-in 700mAh battery which allows the projector to be used without being plugged in.

Inside the box, you’ll get the SD20 LCD Projector, audio cable, remote control, and a power adapter.

Where to Buy The SD20 LCD Projector

The SD20 is available for under $40 from GearBest.

Check Price at GearBest


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