64GB PiPO X8 Windows PC with Touchscreen Now Available

When I reviewed the PiPO X8, I found it to be an solid oddity. Whilst I had initially had some skepticism regarding the integrated touchscreen, I can thankfully say it’s actually pretty handy. I’ve been able to the my PiPO X8 to good use as a jukebox, allowing guests to pick their own tracks.

Now, PiPO have improved the device. They’ve revealed a 64Gb variant of the PiPO X8 which is now available for purchase. The rest of the technical specifications are the same however.

GearBest are currently running a TV box promotion where you can get the 64Gb model for just $109 – but units are limited. Some other devices are also on sale including the Wintel W8 Windows PC for $80 and EMISH X700 for under $30 for those that are interested.

Getting One

The 64GB PiPO X8 is available from GearBest, Geekbuying, AliExpress and Amazon.



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