Kodi 15.1 Release Candidate Now Available

After the successful release of Kodi 15.0 Isengard, Team Kodi are already hard at work patching some of the issues that have cropped up.

Kodi 15.1 appears to be a maintenance update, focused on bug fixes.

I’ve embedded the official changelog is below:

  • Flush renderbuffers when flushing video player
  • Fix broken network.bandwidth setting
  • [pvr] fix stuttering introduced
  • Unsigned apps are not working on jailbroken iOS5.1 devices
  • Add installed languages to the list of possible stream languages
  • Ensure that file descriptor for logfile is NULL’ed
  • [pvr] fix holding lock while querying backend
  • Fixes a crash when trying do delete a file in filemanager
  • Reimplement Cocoa_GetVolumeNameFromMountPoint
  • [guilib] update label color for sliderex controls
  • CProgressJob: fix crash in DoModal
  • [pvr] fix missing return in CGUIWindowPVRBase::OnBack
  • FFmpeg: Bump to 2.6.4
  • Handle startup splash as regular window
  • [ios] – fix linkage for VTB framework for ios < 6 – fixes vtb on ios
  • [ios] – fix broken native keyboard on ios 5.1.1 devices
  • fix wrong navigation in SmartPlaylistEditor.xml

You can download Kodi 15.1 Release Candidate 1 from the Kodi Downloads page.


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