Ambi Climate 2 Review: Is This AI-Powered A/C Controller Worth It?

I’m a massive fan of smart home technology, and I’m not the only one. The smart home market is growing at an impressive rate and new, innovative products are constantly coming out. The Ambi Climate 2 is one such product – an AI-powered air conditioner controller that uses machine learning to make sure your air conditioner is always on the perfect setting. The company claims that its system takes into account multiple factors that define comfort to determine the optimal air conditioner settings. Using this approach, they claim you’ll not only be more comfortable without having to do anything, but you’ll also save up to 30% off your energy bills through more efficient air conditioner use. Is it worth it? Let’s take a look.

What’s Inside the Box?

Inside the box, you’ll get:

  • Ambi Climate 2 AI-Powered AC Controller
  • Micro USB Cable
  • USB Power Adapter
  • English User Manual

Ambi Climate 2 Review: Hardware

The Ambi Climate 2’s design is attractive and modern – designed to simply blend in with a clean modern aesthetic. The unit is all plastic, with white plastic body complemented by wood-look base which I think ties the device into its “environmental” concept. There’s also large IR windows which is how the device integrates with your air conditioner.

Ambi Climate have kept the front of the unit clean, with just a stylised logo that houses a multicolor LED which acts as a status indicator.

Around the back is a micro USB port for power, a full size USB type A for debugging and a reset button in case anything goes wrong.

Ambi Climate 2 Review: App

Like most IoT devices, everything is handled via the dedicated Ambi Climate app. The app is packed full of functionality but I found it pretty intuitive.

When you’re setting up the Ambi Climate, you’ll first need to create an account. A setup wizard guides you through connecting the Ambi Climate to your wifi and pairing your air conditioner.

You’ll need to check that your particular air conditioner remote is compatible but the company thankfully provides a comprehensive compatibility list on their website. At the time of writing, there’s around 1200 remotes across 50 brands supported so there’s a good chance your unit will work.

I did have an issue where my exact remote appears compatible according to the website but I couldn’t find the model in the app. After contacting support via the app’s built-in chat, they quickly suggested that I use an alternative model which was functionally identical so I was up and running quickly.

Once everything connected, you get a minimalist UI which hides much of the complexity.

The top right shows the current environment conditions using the Ambi Climate’s temperature and humidity sensors while the AI-powered comfort level is displayed in the center.

Tapping on that opens up the comfort menu which let’s you provide feedback on your current comfort level to Ambi Climate’s AI system (but more on this later).

There’s a row of icons along the bottom which opens up a heap of power to those who want to go beyond the system’s AI:

  • Analytics: Access information about how long the air conditioner was run, what temperatures were set, historical views of your room’s temperature and humidity vs outside, and much more.
  • AC Settings: Access your air conditioner’s controls via Wifi
  • Device: Set up timers to automatically switch the Ambi Climate into certain modes based on a schedule and adjust settings such as device locations, LED brightness and more.
  • Modes: Switch the Ambi Climate between the various modes such as Comfort, Away, etc.

I really enjoyed the sheer amount of stats the Ambi Climate provided about my comfort. Not only could I see how my home reacted to changes in temperature outside and my air conditioner turning on and off, but I could also see how my comfort changed based on various factors. The whole thing is fascinating and an added bonus to the Ambi Climate package.

Ambi Climate 2 Review: Using It

Using the Ambi Climate is dead simple. Once you’ve paired everything up, all you need to do is provide Ambi Climate feedback about your comfort.

This is where the magic happens, as Ambi Climate uses this feedback so its AI can learn when you feel comfortable and automatically adjust your air conditioner for optimal comfort.

While you’ll need to regularly provide your Ambi Climate 2 with feedback in the early days, it’ll very quickly learn when you’re feeling too hot or cold and adjust your air conditioner accordingly without you having to lift a finger. 

Ambi climate claims that it’ll start adjusting from the 3rd feedback you provide but they recommend providing 2-3 feedbacks per day in the first week for optimal results. Of course, the more feedback you provide and in different weather conditions, the more accurate the AI will be.

The fact that it uses more than just temperature to understand comfort makes the system far more powerful, taking into account room humidity, weather and time of day into account when working out how to configure your air conditioner.

It quite strange knowing that AI is actively controlling your comfort, automatically adjusting your air conditioners temperature to get to your ideal comfort level.

There’s also a whole range of extra features that Ambi Climate have crammed in.

For those of you with a smart home setup using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or IFTTT, you can easily integrate the Ambi Climate. Voice assistants lets you provide comfort feedback using your voice whilst IFTTT unlocks a wider range of possibilities such as triggering events based on temperature or air conditioner status and more.

You can also get the Ambi Climate to trigger at certain times or days of the week or use geofencing to turn off your A/C when you leave home. This means you can make sure you’re not running your air conditioner unnecessarily, saving power and money.

Should You Buy The Ambi Climate 2?

The Ambi Climate 2 is an impressive A/C controller and its integration of AI makes it feel like a device from the future – a perfect compliment for your smart home.

I found its AI did an excellent job adjusting my air conditioner to maintain my comfort levels – allowing me to focus on other things which was fantastic.

If you use a split system and want to add some smarts, the Ambi Climate 2 is the best A/C controller I’ve ever used.

I’d recommend the Ambi Climate 2 if you’re looking for the following features:

  • Simplified A/C control: The Ambi Climate 2’s AI-powered solution means that you never need to touch your AC’s remote again.
  • Smart Home Integration: If you’ve got a number of smart home devices like me, the Ambi Climate 2 seemlessly integrates, adding smarts to your AC as well as enhancing your home automation possibilities through integration with Google Assistant, Alexa and IFTTT.
  • Remote A/C Control: I cannot underestimate how great it is to turn on your A/C when you’re out so you walk into a cool home or being able to adjust the temperature without having to get out of bed.

Where to Buy the Ambi Climate 2

The Ambi Climate 2 is available from Amazon.

Check Price at Amazon
Ambi Climate 2 Review Featured Image
Ambi Climate 2
The Ambi Climate 2 offers clever features, smart home integration and more, making it the best A/C controller I’ve ever used.
AI-controlled system automatically handles your comfort
Provides detailed stats about your room
Can control your AC via Wifi - Perfect for coming home to a comfortable house
Only works with split systems
Only compatible with IR remotes that have screens
Limited to 2.4GHz wireless networks


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