BlitzWolf BW-SDB1 Soundbar Review: Is It Worth It?

Not everyone has the space (or budget) for surround sound in their home theatre setup. Soundbars have rapidly become an attractive alternative, offering significant improvements in sound quality and volume compared to standard TV speakers but requiring a fraction of the space (and often budget). The BlitzWolf BW-SDB1 Soundbar is a 36-inch soundbar that manages to pack an impressive number of features into its sub-$100 price tag. With 6 drivers, 60W of power output and a range of connectivity options, Is it worth it?

BlitzWolf BW-SDB1 Soundbar Specifications

Working Voltage:100V – 240V 50 – 60Hz AC
Power Output:60W
Connectivity:HDMI, Coaxial, Optical, AUX, bluetooth, USB
Dimensions (Inches): 36.0 x 3.4 x 1.7
Weight: 3.96 lbs
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What’s in the Box?

Inside the box, you get:

  • BlitzWolf BW-SDB1 Soundbar
  • IR Remote
  • Power Cable
  • Optical Audio Cable
  • 3.5mm to RCA Audio Cable
  • English User Manual

BlitzWolf BW-SDB1 Hardware

As soon as you unbox the Blitzwolf BW-SDB1 soundbar, it’s hard to believe that this is under $100. The unit itself feels solid, giving it the impression of a quality product unlike some of the other budget soundbars that I’ve tested.

The unit’s 36-inch width makes it ideals for TV’s ranging up to 50 inches, offering ample separation of the left and right channels.

Blitzwolf’s soundbar boasts 6 full range speakers and two diaphragms that are capable of pumping out 60W of power (but more on that later). This is a significant boost in both volume and sound quality compared to typically underwhelming TV speakers which usually clock in around 10W.

As you’d expect, all the ports are hidden around the back of the unit. There’s plenty of connectivity on offer here: HDMI ARC, coaxial, optical audio (SP-DIF), 3.5mm Aux so you’ll be able to hook up the soundbar with most systems.

For those with a HDMI ARC compatible TV, you’ll get the easiest set up process with just a single cable taking care of everything.

Power is delivered via a standard figure 8 plug which makes it easy to get a local cable if needed (e.g. an Australian plug option isn’t available but can easily be picked up for a few dollars) and worldwide voltage support means it can be used anywhere.

Unfortunately, there’s no wall mounting holes or brackets included which seems like a massive oversight. This means you’ll either need to keep the soundbar on the table in front of the TV or use a floating shelf or bracket to mount it.

The top of the unit holds a few buttons for power, source and volume control which is great in a pinch but you’ll be using the remote most of the time. The remote has dedicated media playback controls and dedicated buttons for each of the modes. You can even unpair your Bluetooth devices which is nice.

Blitzwolf have also added in Bluetooth and USB playback functionality which is a nice touch. The Bluetooth connectivity works well, allowing you to play your music wirelessly directly from your smartphone – perfect for a party setting. 

The USB functionality is predictably limited. It only supports basic music files and, with no display available, trying to find a particular song is a nightmare. That being said, I suspect most people will never actually use the USB function given our move into streaming services.

Blitzwolf have tried to add some “smarts” into the soundbar too, with the soundbar automatically turning on when you start your TV. Whilst this is pretty much assumed for HDMI connectivity, Blitzwolf have even added it for the 3.5mm, optical and coax connections so those needing those connections won’t miss out on this handy feature. Equalisation settings are also memorised which I’m glad to see.

BlitzWolf BW-SDB1 Sound Quality

Sound quality of the Blitzwolf soundbar is impressive given its budget price point. Audio is nice and clear with good vocal clarity when watching movies or listening to music. Bass is a little subdued as is usually the case with sound bars but still offers satisfying depth. Just don’t expect the rumbling you get with a proper subwoofer.

There’s 4 equalizers on offer to let you tweak the sound: Music, Sport, News and Movie. However, I didn’t find they significantly change the sound so I just left it on Movie mode.

Owing to the soundbars 36-inch size, there’s ample separation of the left and right channels – important for a good movie experience. There’s nothing worse than losing the impression of motion when something moves from left to right due to the left and right speakers being too close together.

Volume is impressively loud without noticeable distortion. I didn’t have any issues filling the room when watching a movie or listening to my favorite tunes.

Should You Buy The BlitzWolf BW-SDB1 Soundbar?

The BlitzWolf BW-SDB1 is an impressive soundbar that outperforms its budget price tag.

Whilst the equaliser felt pointless and its disappointing that there’s no wall mounting options, sound quality and connectivity options are excellent – particularly given that its under $100.

If you’re looking for a cheap way of drastically improving your TV’s sound without breaking the bank, the Blitzwolf BW-SDB1 is an excellent choice.

Where to Buy the BlitzWolf BW-SDB1 Soundbar

The BlitzWolf BW-SDB1 Soundbar is available from Banggood and Amazon.

Check Price at Banggood
The BlitzWolf BW-SDB1 Soundbar offers great value, with solid sound quality and connectivity options far exceeding what its budget price tag would suggest.
Solid Audio Quality
Wide Range of Connectivity Options
Excellent Value
Poor USB functionality
No visual volume indicator on unit
No wall mounting options

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