Bluedio A2 Air Review: Vibrant Bluetooth Headphones

In my Bluedio A2 Air review, I’ve put Bluedio’s latest headphones to the test.

Are these Bluetooth headphones worth it? Keep read my Bluedio A2 Air review to find out.

Thanks to Bluedio for providing me a sample to review.

What is the Bluedio A2 Air?

The Bluedio A2 Airs are the company’s latest Bluetooth headphones, allowing you to listen to music without wires.

They feature colourful designs, Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity and can even be used both wirelessly and wired for maximum flexibility.

Key Features

  • Latest Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless audio and longer listening times
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calling
  • Rechargeable battery for up to 33 hours of music playback
  • Can be used via Bluetooth or wired for maximum flexibility
  • Foldable design for easy transport

Where to Buy the Bluedio A2 Air

The Bluedio A2 Air is available from AmazonBluedio’s official eBay Store and AliExpress for around $60-70.

Check Price at Amazon

What’s in the Box?

Bluedio A2 Air Review Inside The Box

The Bluedio A2 Air comes with a 3.5mm audio cable and a USB Type-C cable for charging up the headphones.

It’s all packaged in a really nice carrying case that keeps your headphones safe in transit. In terms of inclusions, Bluedio have really nailed it.

In terms of inclusions, Bluedio have really nailed it

Bluedio A2 Air Review: Hardware

The first thing you notice when you open the Bluedio A2 Airs is the bright color scheme. They feature a colorful pattern, with chrome accents and soft leather-like earcups that fit over your ears.

Bluedio A2 Air Review 06

I was sent the “China” design which wasn’t my cup of tea but my wife loved it. There’s also a black “graffiti” design for those wanting something more modest.

The headphones are compact, thanks to slimmer earcups and a refined metal frame. They’re light too and even fold up for easy transport.

Bluedio A2 Air Review 02

They’re also really comfortable. Whilst I wished the earcups were a little larger (they just fit over my larger ears), they sit nicely on the head with just enough clamping force to keep everything in place.

Media controls are cleverly hidden on the right earcup. Pressing on different areas will turn on the headphones, skip tracks and adjust volume. There’s no markings though so you’ll need to memorize what does what.

Spoken status indicators let you know if you’ve turned the headphones on, if they’re connected and more.

Bluedio A2 Air Review 05

Bluedio says the Air 2’s battery should be good for around 33 hours of playback which feels right. I was able to get a full weeks use before I needed to charge them.

Speaking of charging, this is handled via a USB Type-C port underneath the headphones. There’s also a 3.5mm audio input so you can use the headphones wired if you’ve got a device that doesn’t have Bluetooth (or you’ve simply forgotten to charge them!).

Bluedio A2 Air Review 03

I really loved the flexibility this provided, as there’s nothing worse than wanting to listen to music only to find your headphones are flat.

Bluedio A2 Air Review: Using It

There’s really not much I can say, aside from the fact that pairing them up with your smartphone or tablet is dead simple.

Pairing them up with your smartphone… is dead simple

Just hold down the power button until the headphones enter pairing mode (a voice prompt will let you know).

Then select the A2 Air’s from your smartphone’s Bluetooth menu and you’re ready to listen.

Bluedio A2 Air Review: Sound Quality

Bluedio tend to produce bass heavy headphones like the Bluedio UFO Plus (review).

However, their last few Bluetooth headphones like the Bluedio Vinyl (my current daily driver – review here) have been more balanced. Thankfully the Bluedio Air continues this pattern.

Bluedio A2 Air Review 04

The Bluedio A2 Airs offers clear audio with a balanced bass response. Low notes don’t dominate like on Beats-style headphones, making everything from acoustic to metal tracks sound great.

The microphone was predictably average, with callers saying I sounded faint or distant. That said, I suspect that’s because it’s located on the ear cup instead of near your mouth.

Should You Buy The Bluedio A2 Airs?

Bluedio A2 Air Review 07

The Bluedio A2 Airs are another solid set of Bluetooth headphones from the company and a solid followup to the Bluedio Vinyls that I currently use daily.

Whilst I’m not a fan of the vibrant designs, that’s purely subjective and it’s hard to argue the fantastic value the Bluedio A2 Airs provide.

If you’re in the market for an excellent set of Bluetooth headphones, I’d definitely recommend the Bluedio A2 Air.


  • More Balanced Sound Signature
  • Fold-up design for easy portability
  • Impressive Connectivity Options


  • “Invisible button” design can be confusing
  • Bright designs are polarising

Getting One

The Bluedio A2 Air is available from AmazonBluedio’s official eBay Store and AliExpress for around $60-70.

Check Price at Amazon
Bluedio A2 Air Review 01
Bluedio A2 Air
The Bluedio A2 Airs are fantastic value if want a set of quality wireless Bluetooth headphones that offer a balanced sound, though their style may not be for everyone. Recommended.
More Balanced Sound Signature
Fold-up design for easy portability
Impressive Connectivity Options
"Invisible button" design can be confusing
Bright designs are polarising


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