Gamesir G4S Android/Windows Controller Revealed

Gamesir have just taken the wraps off their latest controller and follow up to the amazing Gamesir G3 (aka my favourite multi-platform controller).

Called the Gamesir G4S, the company’s latest controller features a number of improvements, including a new design, added grips and improved analog sticks and d-pad.

Compared to its predecessor, the Gamesir G4S now features rubberised handles for added grip and the company says they have made improvements to d-pad and analog stick sensitivity for more precision when gaming.

You can swap the d-pad and left analog stick functionality, allowing you essentially change between Playstation and Xbox-style controller layouts.

A turbo feature also allows you to emulate pressing keys rapidly by just holding the key down.

There’s a 800mAh rechargeable battery inside which should be good for around 20 hours of gaming.

The controller maintains both Bluetooth 4.0 and 2.4GHz wireless support across both Android and Windows. This makes it one of the most compatible controllers, beating the near-ubiquitous Xbox 360 controller due to the integrated Bluetooth radio for wireless Android gaming.

Where to Buy the Gamesir G4S

The Gamesir G4S isn’t available for purchase yet but expect it to appear on Gamesir’s official store and various online retailers.


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