MeLE F10 BT Bluetooth 4.0 Airmouse Features IR Learning

The MeLE F10 BT is a new Bluetooth Airmouse from MeLE. Following up on the excellent F10 Deluxe, the F10 BT features a airmouse functionality, a full QWERTY keyboard and a gaming mode. It even features IR learning, allowing you to control your other devices such as TVs by learning their remote’s IR signals.


However, the MeLE F10 BT has changed somewhat from its predecessor. As revealed by it’s name, the new airmouse has swapped out 2.4GHz wireless for Bluetooth 4.0. This should make it a breeze to pair with devices and also sip power so I’m expecting decent battery life. The internal rechargeable battery has also been replaced by 2 AAA batteries.



It’s clear that the MeLE F10 BT is targeting the Android TV box market, with Android specific keys. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a right-click button which is a shame but those using frontends like Kodi on their HTPCs won’t miss it. I’ve been told that the return button is actually right click so no need to worry.

MeLE have been producing some excellent products of late, such as the PCG01 Mini PC,  so I’m looking forward to seeing just how good the MeLE F10 BT is.

MeLE F10 BT Video

Getting One

The MeLE F10 BT will be available in September for $19.99 with free shipping. Store availability is to be confirmed in the coming weeks.


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