Nasudake J7 Truely Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

The Nasudake J7 are a set of completely wireless Bluetooth headphones from Nasudake, a new company out of Hong Kong. With Bluetooth 4.0 support for wireless connectivity and no wires to get in your way, are they worth it? Read my Nasudake J7 review to find out.

Thanks to Nasudake for providing me a sample to review. The Nasudake J7 is available from Amazon.

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In This Review

What’s in the Box?

Inside the box, you’ll get:

  • Nasudake J7 Bluetooth Headphones
  • Charging Carry Case
  • Cable Carry Bag
  • Small Silicon Eartips
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • English User Manual

Nasudake J7 Review: Hardware

The Nasudake J7 are a set of truely wireless Bluetooth headphones, much like Apple’s AirPods. The left and right headphones are completely wireless, using Bluetooth to connect the two together.

The earbuds themselves are pretty standard style-wise. Each earbud is slightly larger than standard earbuds but they’re incredibly lightweight. I personally found the shiny black plastic looks a bit cheap. I think matte finish would have made things look more premium here.

The eartips use a unique tri-tip design with wings that keeps everything secure whilst offering excellent noise isolation. I’ve personally used aftermarket tri-tip earbuds on other earbuds so I’m glad to see them here.

Each earbud features triangular status LED around the central button, a small multi-purpose button and charging pins underneath.

Those charging pins connect directly to the carrying case which doubles up as a charger thanks to its built-in battery. The case is charged via micro USB and can charge the earbuds up to 5 times per charge.

To charge the earbuds, place them into the case, close the lid and press the power button. Pressing the power button will also show you the case’s battery status via 4 blue LEDs.

Unfortunately, I found the case sometimes popped open in my bag triggering a hunt for the earbuds.

I also found the case a little chunky. It’s small enough to fit into your bag or backpack, but it’s not pocketable like the one that comes with Apple’s AirPods.

The left and right headphones are completely wireless, using Bluetooth to connect the two together.

Nasudake J7 Review: Using It

Pairing up the Nasudake J7s is incredibly easy. Just holding down the left earbud’s triangular button for several seconds to enter pairing mode. Select the J7 from your smartphone’s Bluetooth menu and you’ve got a single Bluetooth earbud.

To add the second earbud, just hold down it’s button for several seconds and it’ll automatically pair up for stereo audio.

One thing I will mention is that handsfree audio only comes through the left earbud. This is a bit disorienting, as you’ll go from listening to music in stereo to mono suddenly. I really wish stereo audio was maintained at all times.

There’s also a really annoying issue with audio sync when watching videos. It seems the headphones add a delay to keep both earbuds to sync. So when you’re watching videos (which requires audio and video to stay in sync), there’s a slight delay in the audio which means lip sync will be off – something that drives me nuts. Using just one ear bud fixes the problem so it’s definitely due to the wireless connection between the earbuds.

Battery Life

Given their compact size, the Nasudake J7 offerings 3 hours of music playback per charge. This isn’t particularly long, especially if you’re needing continuous use like on a flight. However, for day-to-day use, I didn’t find it to be an issue – as long as I remembered to put them in the charging case. A full charge takes around an hour so keep that in mind.

This is probably my main gripe with wireless headphones. The fact I need to remember to charge both the case and the headphones themselves is a pain. Personally, I’d rather a set of standard Bluetooth headphones that only need to be charged once a week.


The ear buds tri-tip design and ear hooks did a good job of keeping the headphones in place. I never felt like they were about to fall out of my ears.

Bluetooth Connection

The Bluetooth connection was disappointing to say the least. When my phone was in my pocket when walking, I frequently Had dropouts,  sometimes of several seconds. This was the same whether I used my iPhone or Samsung S7. Even putting your hands over the buds would cause a dropout.

Dropouts are disorienting too,  as one ear drops out, then the other before coming back in the same order. It’s not particularly pleasant.

The situation improved dramatically when I held my phone so it seems the antenna is just too small.

Nasudake J7 Review: Sound Quality

Sound quality is the most important aspect of headphones. Unfortunately, the Nasudake J7 are pretty average in this department.

The headphones are bass-heavy, and lack detail in mids and highs. Music tends to sound muddy like cheap headphones.

The headphones are bass-heavy, and lack detail in mids and highs.

Whilst many will find them fine for use in the gym or when running, they lack crispness, causing music to sound flat.

I found the headphones did a good job with sound isolation, keeping outside noise to a minimum.

Microphone Quality

The microphone was functional but, as usual for most Bluetooth headphones, wasn’t particularly clear. This is because the microphone is near your ear, rather than your mouth. Whilst the caller on the other end was able to hear me, they said I sounded quiet and was often drowned out by ambient noise.


The Nasudake J7 Bluetooth headphones offer truly wireless audio in theory for a fraction of the price of Apple’s AirPods. However, major issues make them hard to recommend.

With an unreliable Bluetooth connection, average sound quality and audio sync issues when watching video, I’d give the Nasudake J7’s a miss. Unless you really want to try fully wireless headphones without spending Apple prices, I’d recommend you invest your hard earned money on a more traditional set of Bluetooth headphones.


  • Completely Wireless
  • Compact


  • Short Battery Life
  • Average Audio Quality
  • Audio Sync issues when watching video

Where to Buy the Nasudake J7

The Nasudake J7 Bluetooth Headphones are available from Amazon.

Check Price at Amazon
Nasudake J7
The Nasudake J7's offer truly wireless audio but severe issues make them hard to recommend.
Completely Wireless
Short Battery Life
Average Audio Quality
Audio Sync issues when watching video


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