Rippl-TV V2 Android Box Features Amlogic S905 and Integrated Google Cast

SZTomato have revealed the Rippl-TV V2 Android TV box, a successor to the original Rippl-TV based on the quad core Amlogic S905 processor.

The specifications are fairly typical, featuring 1GB of DDR3 RAM, 8GB of onboard storage, Gigabit Ethernet, b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1. Both Google Play and Aptoide app stores are pre-installed.

However, there’s a few key things that differentiates this box from others on the market, namely completely unique launcher and rumored support Widevine L1 DRM.


If Widevine L1 DRM is supported may allow the Rippl-TV V2 to support HD streaming from apps such as Netflix. If Tomato have pulled this off, the Rippl-TV V2 will be one of only a handful of Android TV boxes capable of HD Netflix playback. I’ll have to wait until I get my hands on one to test it out.

Google Cast is also said to be supported, allowing you to stream video to the Rippl-TV V2 as you would a Chromecast.

The device runs Android 5.1.1 and Tomato are offering two different launchers. The first, called utilOS, looks incredibly stylish, with a subdued color pallete and minimalist design that’s said to offer lots of customisation. I’m looking forward to seeing it in action.


There’s also a second launcher that seems to be the stock Android TV launcher.

Inside the box, you’ll get the Rippl-TV V2 Android TV box, power adapter, HDMI cable and user manual.

You can see the Rippl-TV V2 in action in the company’s demo reel below:

Getting One

The Rippl-TV V2 is currently available on Amazon at the time of writing.

For a limited time, use coupon GMPZT37L to get $8.88 off! Code expires on the 5th of April.

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Rippl-TV V2 Technical Specifications

[aps_product_specs id=”5607″]


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2 thoughts on “Rippl-TV V2 Android Box Features Amlogic S905 and Integrated Google Cast”

  1. The Chromecast support that is a nice feature to have. As for the l1 DRM it’s according to cnx buggy plus I thought Netflix in HD was something only device manufacturers that Netflix approved of could stream HD as found out by minix

    • Yeah, I’m not 100% on it at this stage but the info I’m hearing seems to suggest that Netflix will be HD. I’ll have to wait until it’s in my hands so I can confirm. If they’ve pulled it off, it’s going to be a massive boost for the company.


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