Cheap Kit: Sourcing Budget Gadgets For Your Home Theatre

Cheap equipment for a home theatre setup is always tough to come by but trying to get all the latest features and functionality into your HTPC can end up costing you a fortune. Today, we’re going to share some of the best sources to get HTPC gadgets on a budget.



The first China site that I ever purchased gadgets from, DealExtreme has been around for a long time and its not hard to understand why. Their range is exceptional, prices are generally fantastic, free shipping worldwide and, due to both their legacy and large customer base, a significant number of their products come reviewed by the community to ensure you can make an informed decision.



Often my go-to when it comes to anything that will need software support, Geekbuying is a great resource for many devices but its their exceptional range of tablets, smartphones and Android mini PCs that often win over customers. Their ability to drive after-sales support from manufacturers is unrivalled, as a number of gadgets I have purchased have seen software updates many months later – which is much better than many budget gadgets which have next to no updates, despite severe bugs being present.



Amazon is one of the world’s biggest online marketplaces and it’s understandable why given their exceptional range of products and economical shipping (depending on where in the world you live). Their prominence has drawn a huge following mean that even some of their most obscure products come reviewed – a must-have when it comes to buying cheap gadgets for your HTPC.



eBay is a great way to hunt for cheap gadgets but given the lack of item reviews and diverse range of sellers, make sure you pay attention to feedback ratings and see if you can source reviews from elsewhere. Prices are often cheaper than most online stores, however, this may come at the cost of poor after-sales support from Sellers.

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