SPMC XBMC Android Fork Comes To Google And Amazon

SPMC has finally arrived on  Google Play and the Android Appstore. This increases both the availability and ease of installation of the unofficial XBMC fork.

Team XBMC developer Chris Browet made the exciting announcement on Twitter yesterday:

For those who didn’t catch our previous coverage, SPMC is an unofficial fork of XBMC targeting Android devices. It combines XBMC with a number of Android-specific features and fixes such as the ability to be used as a launcher meaning you can automatically boot into SPMC, adding AC3/DTS passthrough for Ouya devices, as well as a number of Rockchip- and Amlogic-specific improvements.

Installation is as simple as downloading from the following links and opening the App. Setup is essentially identical to any other XBMC distribution.

Reviews have been very positive so far on the Google Play store, with a rating of 4.7.

Where can we download SPMC?

You can download SPMC from Google here or Amazon here

Photo Credit: Project Homepage



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