XBMC Running On Tizen OS

XBMC Kodi Tizen

Tizen Experts reported that they were able to get XBMC (which will be renamed to Kodi from Version 14 onwards) running on the open-source Tizen Platform on an Intel NUC.

Some work was needed to get it running, but XBMC sources were compiled on the NUC and was running well, as seen in the below video:

[youtube http://youtu.be/JoWhqsTJaeQ]

Given Samsung’s increased focus on Tizen, with devices such as the Galaxy Gear 2 using the new OS over Samsung’s long-favored Android, it wouldn’t be unrealistic to expect to see Tizen appearing in Samsung televisions in the future. This opens up the exciting possibility of having a true XBMC experience on your TV without any additional hardware.

[via Tizen Experts]

Photo Credit: Tizen Experts



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