Black Friday: GeekBuying Black Friday Deals

GeekBuying have got into the spirit of Black Friday, launching a “72 hour shopping carnival” featuring what the company is claiming is their “lowest annual prices”.

There’s discounts across a large range of products, including Android TV boxes, Windows Mini PCs, air mice and more.

As usual, I’d recommend you compare prices across the board to make sure you’re getting the best deal around.

Check Out the Sale

Deals: GeekBuying August Sale

GeekBuying are running an “August Grand Sale”, offering a number of coupons for site wide discounts with a minimum spend.

  • $4 off for order $75 code: GKBAUG4
  • $8 off for order $150 code: GKBAUG8
  • $17 off for order $300 code: GKBAUG17
  • $35 off for order $600 code: GKBAUG35

Unfortunately, the codes start with a $75 minimum spend and “on sale” items will have the price reduced from its original price so it’s targeting those spending a little more.

If you’ve got your eye on a new Windows or Android Mini PC, you may be able to save a few bucks.

If you’re not going to hit the minimum, you can always use the code “hometheatrelife” to get 4% off site wide.

You can check out GeekBuying’s range here.

Deals: GearBest Summer Sale and GeekBuying 72 Hour Promo

It seems that as we’re marching towards the end of the financial year, the sales are heating up, with a number of companies offering discounts on a range of products.

GearBest “Best Ever Summer Vacation” Sale

GearBest are running a “Best Ever Summer Vacation” sale, offering discounts on a number of smartphones, TV boxes and tablets with additional discounts offered for those purchasing via their smartphone.

My top picks:

  • Xiaomi Mi Band 2 for $38
  • Xiaomi Hybrid Headphones for $16.49 (Read my Review)
  • Mini M8S Amlogic S905 Android Box for $34
Check Out GearBest’s Sale

GeekBuying “72 Hours Crazy Sale”

GeekBuying are also running their own “72 Hours Crazy Sale”, covering pretty much the same range of gadgets as GearBest’s sale but with a greater number of Android and Windows boxes. The sale is a great chance to pick up some cheap Tronsmart hardware.

My top picks:

  • Tronsmart Ara X5 Plus Cherry Trail Windows 10 PC for $99.99
  • Tronsmart Ara IZ37 Windows 10/Android PC for $64.99
  • Xiaomi 720p Security Camera (International Edition) for $49.99
Check Out GeekBuying’s Sale

Did you pick something up in the sales? Let me know in the comments below!

Deals: GeekBuying 4th Anniversary Sale

GeekBuying are currently running a 4th Anniversary sale from the 1st-17th of June, offering some steep discounts on popular products.

The sale has a few different components, including daily deals and brand specific discounts occurring at various points of the promotion.


There’s a pretty wide variety of gadgets on sale, from Android TV boxes and projectors to quadcopters and smartwatches.

Some of my top picks are the MXQ Plus for $29.99 and the UNIC UC50 projector for $99.99. The $9.99 Baofeng VR headset also looks like a great deal.

If you’re looking to pick up some cheap gadgets, it’s probably worth checking out the sale.