UGOOS UT3/UT3S/UM3 Android Firmware 2.0.8 Now Available

UGOOS have released new firmware for their popular UGOOS UT3/UT3S/UM3 devices.

Android firmware 2.0.8 includes a number of new features and bug fixes. I’ve embedded the full changelog below:


  • Android: add network monitor – Settings -> Ugoos Settings -> Show network activity
  • Android: add Ethernet switcher (eth0, eth1 …etc) for USB adapters – Settings -> Ethernet -> Interface
  • Settings: add Save button in static ip settings
  • Ugoos Settings: add checkbox for bluetooth prefix “FireFly-” for FireEasy control. Without it bluetooth connection will not work


  • Sound: XBMC noise problem fixed
  • Settings: fix Ethernet on/off switch logic
  • Kernel:add ip multicast for Fireasy
  • Audio: Bitstream: fix some receiver’s hbr no sound issue
  • Hdmi: fix edid list bug
  • Audio: Bitstream: fix nlpcm/hbr audio compatiable problem

It’s great to see UGOOS continuing to support their product after release, particularly adding new features in addition to important bug fixes. They’re one of the few manufacturers with a proven track record of support.

During our UGOOS UT3S review, I found it to be an incredibly powerful Android mini PC. It’s also one of the few Android mini PCs that has a model with 4GB of RAM.

You can find download links to the updated firmware over at the UGOOS Blog post.

[via UGOOS Blog]


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2 thoughts on “UGOOS UT3/UT3S/UM3 Android Firmware 2.0.8 Now Available”

  1. I have the tronsmart Vega from day one. The ship has long sailed on the firmware support! Thank God for finless cause the stock ROMs were weak

    • Yeah, same issue with my original MK808B – If it wasn’t for Finless, it wouldn’t have been used for as long as it did. I’m happy that companies like UGOOS and Zidoo are being far better at releasing firmware updates rather than abandoning a product.


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