UNIC UC40 800LM LED Multimedia Projector Impressions

Projectors are a great way of getting a massive screen for a fraction of the cost. For under $100, the UNIC UC40 projector features HDMI input, built-in media playback from sources such as USB and SD cards, and an 800×480 pixel resolution.

Thanks to PandaWill for providing me a sample to review. Click here to view the latest price.

Update: Read our full review here!

UNIC UC40 Projector Technical Specifications

  • Image System: TFT LCD
  • Brightness: 800 Lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 800:1
  • Native Resolution 800*480 RGB
  • Lamp: LED (Rated Life: 20000 hours)
  • Projection distance 1.07-3.8M
  • Projection size 34-130 inch
  • Aspect Ratio 4:3/16:9
  • Color 16.7K
  • Keystone Correction ±15°
  • Power Supply 100-240V 0.9A(Max) 50/60HZ
  • Power Consumption 55W(Max)
  • Output 5V 500mA
  • Speaker 8Ω*2W
  • Product Size 20.1 x 15.3 x 6.75 cm
  • Weight: 1002g

What’s in the box?


Inside the box, UNIC have included:

  • 1x UNIC UC40 Projector
  • 1x IR Remote Control
  • 1x Power Cable
  • 1x Component Video Adapter
  • 1x English Instruction Manual

UNIC UC40 Projector Initial Impressions

The device is compact for a projector compared to most at 20.1 x 15.3 x 6.75 cm. However, carting it around will require its own bag. The design is standard projector fare, incorporating a modern black and white color scheme.

Underneath is a height-adjusting foot which is great way of propping the projector up when you have to work around awkward angles.

All ports are located on the left-hand side of the device. Moving from left to right, we have 3.5mm out, composite video in, HDMI In, USB 2.0 port, SD card slot and a USB charging port.


The top of the device houses controls for  playback and navigation when you don’t have the remote handy. Keystone and focus adjustment dials are also present.


Having the built-in multimedia playback and USB charging port help sell the device as “portable”, minimizing the amount of other equipment you need to bring along to enjoy a movie.

Booting up the projector takes a couple of seconds. A fan keeps the whole unit cool. It’s pretty loud but I eventually got used to it.

Image quality was great, given that we’re talking about a sub-$100 projector. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a nice white surface to project on so I used my light grey freshly painted walls. Whilst the projector was pretty useless with my ceiling light on, turning them off greeted me with an impressively bright image with nice color reproduction, despite the tinted projection surface.

UNIC-UC40-Projector-Powered-OnGiven we’re used to full HD and 4K video quality, the 800×480 pixel resolution can be a little jarring, But for the occasional movie or as a means to entertain the kids, it’s fine.

I did find that the image quality presets were pretty average but a quick adjustment of the brightness, contrast and color settings got it looking great. This could have to do with the color of my walls so your experience may vary.

One thing I couldn’t figure out is how to disable the tiny transparent “UNIC” branding in the top-right of the image. You do forget its there but it shouldn’t be there in the first place.

The built-in speaker is acceptable. There’s enough volume to fill a small room but they sound hollow and lack bass. However, using the UC40’s 3.5mm audio out, I was able to switch it to a more powerful external speaker which made for a much better experience.

Verdict So Far

For a sub-$100 projector, I have to admit I was skeptical but have walked away impressed. Although it has its quirks, those wanting something to entertain the kids or have an outdoor movie night should be happy with its capabilities. Those wanting a true HD projector should look towards the far more pricier options.

Getting One

The UNIC UC40 Multimedia Projector is available for purchase from PandaWill. Click here to view the latest price.

Alternatively, it’s also available from GearBest and Amazon.


Michael is a technology expert with over 15 years of experience in IT, Home Theatre and Automation. Feel free to send Michael a message here.

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15 thoughts on “UNIC UC40 800LM LED Multimedia Projector Impressions”

  1. Hi – Can someone kindly explain how to save a transition (fade in my case) and then go back to starting a slide show? Many thanks, Peter

  2. @hometheatrelife:disqus why is “screen” not available at the settings? And can i get the screen smaller without moving the projector? please reply

    • Hi Lennert,

      I’m not sure what you mean about screen not being in the settings.

      There’s no way of shrinking the screen without moving the projector unfortunately but that’s the limitation of most projectors.

      • @hometheatrelife:disqus thanks for reply, but Is it possible to get the screen off youre laptop smaller to project it on the wall? Any software?
        Please reply

    • Hi Veeramani,

      You’ll need to connect a laptop or PC that supports HDMI out or have a look at something like the UNIC UC46 or Blitzwolf BW-MP1 projectors that both features features VGA input.

  3. Hi guys, how ‘noisy’ is this device? i mean if i want to use it in bedroom , the projector will be close to me so i dont want to hear a constant buzz

    • Hi George, it’s pretty loud – I wouldn’t want it next to my head! It’s better suited to a room, particularly if you can drown out the sound of the fan with speakers. I’ll be reviewing UNIC’s latest model soon so hoping its quieter.

  4. HELP! I lost the instructions and cannot for the life of me figure out how to put the picture into full screen mode, it’s driving me nuts. I like this little projector but have tried everything.

      • I have the same problem like Wendy. I’ve tried the zoom option but it looks like it has no function not even at the pictures or movies. The info panel next to the pictures takes more place than the actual picture.

    • Hi Wendy. I read your question about the UC40 and I have the same problem. Did you find any solution about it? Thanks.

  5. Focus/image is sharp only the center and blurry all around, it is best to have it throw only a 30″ or smaller image(about a meter away) This makes for a brighter image. Bigger than 30″ and you will find one movie becomes fatiguing to eyes as you tend to squint looking for brightness & sharpness in the video. The pixel matrix is very visible, and the unic logo in the video is very distracting. This is more like a toy or a conversation piece. Useless as a tool or a recreational equipment.

    • The photos I took in the article had the image blown to around 60-70 inches and it was fine for me given the price.

      I definitely agree that the UNIC logo is super annoying though.


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