WinnerGear MicFlip 2.0 Reversible Micro USB Cable Review: The Ultimate USB Cable?

The WinnerGear MicFlip is a micro USB cable with a difference.

Apple’s reversible Lightning connector solved the problem of plugging in a cable the right way. WinnerGear’s reversible USB cable aims to bring that same ease-of-use to micro USB devices.

Is it successful? Read my WinnerGear MicFlip 2.0 review to find out!

Thanks to WinnerGear for sending me a MicFlip 2.0 to review. You can buy one from them here

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WinnerGear MicFlip 2.0 Review: Design

The WinnerGear MicFlip is a premium micro USB cable with a focus on durability and ease of use that comes through in its design.

The aluminium plugs are gold plated and finished well. They’re also completely reversible.

Gone is the day of having to check whether you’ve got the USB plug the right way up before you plug it in. It doesn’t matter which way you have it – just plug the MicFlip in and it works. It’s that simple.


The USB Type A end (the larger one) looks like your standard USB plug. However, the standard contacts are now a thin circuit board with contacts on both sides.

From what I can tell, this is the main change in the MicFlip 2.0 compared to its first iteration.


Similarly, the Type B end is hexagonal shape so it can be plugged in either way.


The cable itself is reinforced with a braided Nylon coating that minimises tangling. The added stiffness stops the cable entangling everything near it like an overzealous boa constrictor which is nice. It’s also quite long, coming in at a lengthy 2m.

Unfortunately, WinnerGear only make the MicFlip 2.0 in red and black. If you’ve got one of those modern, all-white setups, prepare to have your inner designer cry as it’ll clash. That said, it looks great with the dark color scheme of my work area so I was pretty happy with the color.


The original MicFlip comes in white and gold versions so it’s odd that the upgraded model only comes in a single color.

WinnerGear MicFlip 2.0 Review: Using It

I tested the WinnerGear MicFlip 2.0 with several devices including my Samsung Galaxy S7 for both charging and transferring data.

Everything worked as expected, regardless of the plug’s orientation. There’s obviously some clever wiring at work.


I really liked the fact that I just had to plug it in – no failed attempts. It’s a convenience I love with Apple’s Lightning cables and one that I’m happy to see brought across to micro USB.


Now, you’re probably thinking that USB Type-C is already reversible – and that’s definitely true. However, it’s still not near-ubiquitous like micro USB as most smartphones still have micro USB ports.

It’s nice that WinnerGear have effectively backported the technology to the older yet incredibly common micro USB standard.


I really liked the WinnerGear MicFlip 2.0. There’s no doubt that it’s a well-made cable and the flexibility it offers is great.

Though micro USB’s days are probably numbers and not everyone will be able to stomach its premium price tag, the WinnerGear MicFlip 2.0 is easily one of the best micro USB cables money can buy.


  • Reversible
  • Durable Construction


  • Relatively Pricey
  • Red/Black color scheme may not suit everyone

Where to Buy the WinnerGear MicFlip 2.0

You can buy the WinnerGear MicFlip 2.0 from the following stores:

Check Price at Amazon
WinnerGear MicFlip 2.0
The WinnerGear MicFlip 2.0 is one of the best micro USB cables money can buy - as long as you're ok with the price.
Durable Construction
Relatively Pricey
Red/Black color scheme may not suit everyone


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