Xiaomi Bluetooth Receiver is Stylish and Ultra-Affordable

Xiaomi have released a sleek Bluetooth receiver, allowing you to transform any set of ordinary headphones into Bluetooth headphones for around $20.

The Xiaomi Bluetooth Receiver features Bluetooth 4.2 and a “professional amplifier chip” which the company claims will provide clean audio.

Most headphones should be compatible thanks to a standard 3.5mm headphone jack and a handy metal clip lets you keep the unit out of the way – even if you’re running.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Receiver Features

It’s also incredibly light, weighing a mere 10g including a 97mAh battery (rechargeable via micro USB) that’s good for 4-5 hours of play time.

Whilst that’s not as long as some other Bluetooth receivers, it can be used whilst charging and Xiaomi’s unit is far more compact than the competition so the trade off will be worth it for many.

If you’re wanting to pick one up, you can buy the Xiaomi Bluetooth Reciever from GearBest for $21 including free shipping at the time of writing.


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