Bagsmart Pomona Electronic Organizer Review: Is It Worth It?

If you’re like me, you need to take a tonne of cables and gadgets with you whenever you travel. However, just chucking everything into your bag isn’t ideal. Aside from not being able to find the cable you need to without unpacking everything, you’re also subjecting your gadgets to the harsh environment of a geek’s bag – adding extra wear and tear.

The Bagsmart Pomona Electronic organiser is a stylish solution to this problem, offering to house all your cables and gadgets in a single bag. So is it worth it?

Bagsmart Pomona Video Review

Bagsmart Pomona Review

So first the aesthetics. The Pomona has got a modern design which won’t look out of place on your desk or when you’re out and about. I really liked that fact that it matched my other accessories and didn’t clash. I’ve got the grey version, but it comes in 4 other colors including Blue and Coral if color’s your thing.

The bag is made of water-repellent nylon with padded outer layers to keep your gadgets safe from water splashes or bumps. There’s enough padding to guard against a short drop or the bumps it would get from being inside a bag but I wouldn’t want to risk a drop from any significant height. Stitching seems to be good and everything feels well-made so hopefully it’ll be durable in the long term.

A two-way zipper holds everything together whilst allowing easy access to your gadgets.

Opening the bag up shows off all the storage that Bagsmart have managed to cram inside.

It’s amazing how much you can cram into this thing

There’s a large mesh pocket for loose items, a hidden pouch for larger items, a slot for an SD card and a range of elastic loops for holding in cables, headphones and more so there’s plenty of storage on offer.

The two larger loops are best suited for longer cables, a slim power bank or a mouse – though I found it to be a tight fit for my Logitech MX Anywhere. You’ll probably have an easier time if you’ve got a slimmer model like Apple’s Magic Mouse but I would have liked a bit more room here.

My Logitech MX Anywhere still fit in but it was a little more snug than I’d like

That said, it’s surprising just how much you can cram into this bag thanks to all the various storage spots available. Even with my collection of cables, USB devices and other gadgets, I still had space to spare.

And having everything in one place was super helpful – I just had to grab my gadget bag and all my cables and accessories were at my fingertips – no more rummaging through my bag when I need to head off.

Should You Buy The Bagsmart Pomona Electronic Organizer?

I have to say I found the Bagsmart Pomona to be a pretty handy accessory when I travel.

Whilst I wish Bagsmart made the mouse slot a little bigger, it was great being able to have all my gadgets and cables in one spot. I could easily set up when I arrived at my destination – no more needing to unpack my entire bag to get to that USB drive that’s slipped to the bottom. Plus it’s nice knowing that everything is safe and secure.

If you’re looking for an elegant storage solution for your cables and gadgets when travellelling, I definitely recommend the Bagsmart Pomona Electronic Organizer.

Where to Buy the Bagsmart Pomona Electronic Organizer

The Bagsmart Pomona Electronic Organizer is available from Bagsmart directly or Amazon.

Check Price at Bagsmart
Bagsmart Pomona Electronic Organizer
The Bagsmart Pomona Electronic Organizer offers a stylish solution for managing your accessories when you're on the go. Recommended.


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