Download SPMC 16.7.1 Now

SPMC Splash Screen

Koying has released SPMC 16.7.1, the latest version of the Android-optimized Kodi fork which offers an improved Kodi experience on some Android devices.

You can download SPMC 16.7.1 directly from Koying’s site.

The new version is just a bug fix release, adding a small but important fix to the TMDB movie scraper.

SPMC 16.7.1 Changelog

  • FIX: TMDB scrapper

If you’re currently using SPMC, you can update via the Google Play store or download SPMC 16.7.1 from the official site’s download page.

If you’re wanting to set up SPMC, check out my SPMC setup guide and my comprehensive Kodi setup guide for moreĀ info.

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