Rikomagic MK705 Review


Trying to find the best airmouse to control your HTPC can be a challenge. The Rikomagic MK705 combines airmouse functionality with a full QWERTY keyboard. Is this the perfect HTPC remote?

I want to say thanks to GearBest for sending me a sample of the Rikomagic MK705 airmouse to review. You can purchase one from them here.

What is it?

A remote-control sized device that combines Wii-like mouse control (aka “airmouse”) functionality with a compact QWERTY keyboard.

Who’s it for?

Those looking for a compact and easy-to-use solution for navigating their HTPC or Android Mini PC.

What’s in the box?


Inside the box, we have:

  • 1x Rikomagic MK705 airmouse
  • 1x USB RF Dongle
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x User Manual

Charging is handled via USB, so you can use any USB port available to charge the remote.

Rikomagic MK705 Design


The Rikomagic MK705 is a nice looking device. The front of the device mimics your traditional remote and at first glance, you wouldn’t suspect this is an airmouse.

The buttons are divided into two types. The orange buttons at the top, including the directional pad and OK button, are IR based. These only transmit IR signals and operate all the time, even when the remote is switched off.

The bottom section are the airmouse functions, such as mouse toggle and Android navigation. These are only active when the remote is switched on using the power switch on its side.

A small orange light on the top-left of the device let’s you know that the remote is working,  flashing when buttons are pressed. There is another light in the top right which flashes orange when an IR signal is sent, and blue when an RF signal is sent.

Flipping the device over reveals the full QWERTY keyboard.


Build quality is solid, with the whole device feeling very well made.

Using it

After charging the device’s built-in battery overnight, I plugged the receiver into my Rikomagic MK12. It recognized it immediately and I was off.

Pressing the mouse button activates “mouse mode”. This allows you control the mouse pointer using motion like a Wii remote. I’ve been using a Measy RC11 airmouse for a number of years and this is a dramatic upgrade. The internal gyroscope improves accuracy dramatically, with each flick of my wrist corresponded with expected movement on the screen. Playing Angry Birds was a piece of cake with the the Rikomagic MK705.

The buttons are have a satisfying click to them, and makes the typing experience more pleasurable. I wouldn’t try to write a novel on this unless you hate yourself, as the keyboard is definitely cramped, but for the odd URL or search term, it’s great.

The inbuilt IR learning function is really easy to use. Simply hold down the “Set” button for a few seconds until the orange light slowly flashes. You then press the button you want mapped and the button on the corresponding remote to learn the command. Pressing the “Set” button saves the learnt commands. One drawback of the IR learning is that you are limited to the orange buttons only.

Getting One

I recieved my Rikomagic MK705 from Gearbest. You can purchase one from them here.

Alternatively, the device is also available from Amazon.

Rikomagic MK705 Additional Photos


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