Upgraded Sunvell T95 Android TV Box Features Amlogic S905 and LED Display

Sunvell have released an upgraded version of the Sunvell T95, an Android TV box powered by the Amlogic S905. It features 8GB of storage, dual band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0, in addition to doubling the original amount of RAM to 2GB. Ethernet is disappointingly only 10/100Mbps though.

The unit also features a metal case and LED real-time display for showing information such as the time.

From the looks of the marketing material, it also comes with a TV-friendly launcher that looks like a hybrid between the MediaBox launcher and HiMedia’s one.

Inside the box, you’ll get the Sunvell T95 TV box, power adapter, IR remote control, HDMI cable, and English manual.

Getting One

The new Sunvell T95 is available from GearBest for under $60. The 1GB model is also on a flash sale for $35 for a short time.

Sunvell T95 Technical Specifications

[aps_product_specs id=”5800″]


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