BlitzWolf Braided MFi Lightning Cable Review

BlitzWolf are rapidly making a name for themselves in the accessory space.

At under $10, their braided MFi-certified Lighting cable is one of the cheapest [amazon text=Lighting cables&asin=B017WOLL54] around.

Is this cable a must buy for your Apple devices? Read on to find out!

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WinnerGear MicFlip 2.0 Reversible Micro USB Cable Review: The Ultimate USB Cable?

The [amazon text=WinnerGear MicFlip&asin=B01I1B1FXK] is a micro USB cable with a difference.

[amazon text=Apple’s reversible Lightning connector &asin=B017WOLL54] solved the problem of plugging in a cable the right way. WinnerGear’s reversible USB cable aims to bring that same ease-of-use to micro USB devices.

Is it successful? Read my WinnerGear MicFlip 2.0 review to find out!

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