Zidoo X1 gets a new ZIUI launcher called Frisbee

Zidoo have released a new launcher for the Zidoo X1 Android PC. Called “Frisbee”, the new launcher swaps out the card-based UI of the Zidoo X9 for circular icons and a much brighter color palette.

According to the release notes, the UI is based on OpenGL and supports a whole bunch of useful features such as loading apps on boot (useful for Kodi), a parental lock and navigation via both mice and IR remotes.

I’ve embedded the official demo below:

What do you think of the new launcher? Let us know in the comments below!

UGOOS UT3/UT3S/UM3 Android Firmware 2.2.0 Now Available

Ugoos have done it again, releasing firmware version 2.2.0 for their popular UT3, UT3S and UM3 Android mini PCs.

The new firmware adds new features and bug fixes, including a new File Server allowing you to use your device as a NAS and support for exFAT devices.

The Ugoos Samba Server
The Ugoos Samba Server

The official changelog is provided below:


  •  File server (samba, Settings->File server)
  •  Android: add Google Calendar and Contacts sync
  •  Android: add native exFAT support


  • Android: fix fail to mount two partitions (USB storage)
  • Kernel: fix efuse module, cpu SN available now
  • Audio: Bitstream: fix no sound when plug/unplug hdmi
  • SystemUI: remove right to left navigation bar layout (right to left languages crash)
  • Keyboard: return hardware keyboard setting, add save hardware keyboard toggle, unbind hardware keyboard toggle and settings
  • Keyboard: hide wifi vertual keyboard in hardwre keyboards
  • Android: Settings->Ugoos Settings: add own wifi MAC address toggle (to have different Wifi and Ethernet MAC)
  • Settings: remove full erase checkbox at dualboot
Ugoos new MAC Address settings
Ugoos new MAC Address settings

Ugoos’ continued support of their products is fantastic and really is something other manufacturers should adopt.

You can find download links and instructions on how to update your device at the Ugoos blog.

For those of you interested in the Ugoos UT3S, you should read our detailed review.