Ugoos UT3 Plus Impressions: An Android TV Box with HDMI Recording

The Ugoos UT3 Plus is a new Android TV box powered by the Rockchip RK3288.

It’s also one of the few Android TV boxes that feature HDMI In, allowing you to watch and record from other devices.

I want to say thanks to Ugoos for sending me a sample to review.

Ugoos UT3 Plus Technical Specifications


  • Processor
    Rockchip RK3288
    Quad-Core Cortex-A17 @ 1.8ghz
  • GPU
    Quad-Core Mali-T764
  • Operating System
    Android 5.1.1 Lollypop
  • RAM
    2GB DDR3
  • Storage
    16GB NAND Flash
    Micro SD Card slot (up to 32GB)
  • Other Features
    IR Sensor
    External Wifi Antenna
  • Power
    DC 5V/3A


  • Video Output
    HDMI 1.4
  • Audio Output
    HDMI 1.4
  • Other Interfaces
    3 x USB 2.0
    Micro SD Card Slot


  • WiFi
    802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi (2.4GHz/5.8GHz)
  • Ethernet
  • Bluetooth


    What’s in the Box?


    Inside the box, you’ll get:

    • Ugoos UT3 Plus unit
    • WiFi Antenna
    • Power Adapter
    • IR Remote
    • USB to USB cable
    • HDMI Cable
    • English User Manual

    I love that Ugoos have even included their own branded HDMI cable. It’s a nice touch.


    Ugoos UT3 Plus Impressions

    The Ugoos UT3 Plus is a fairly typical looking Android box. It’s a stardard black box with a nice embossed Ugoos logo on the front. It’s got a matte finish which will keeps the fingerprints away.


    The left side houses the wifi antenna port and the power button.


    The right side of the unit has AV out, the recovery button, micro SD card slot, USB OTG port and HDMI In.


    The remainder of the ports are on the back. You’ve got Ethernet, 2 USB 2.0 ports, HDMI out, Optical out ad the DC In port.


    I have to say that the port layout is a little awkward. Having the AV and HDMI In ports on the right side means that you’ll need to leave some space to route additional cables. I also wish there was a front USB port for easy access.

    Ugoos UT3 Plus Impressions

    The Ugoos UT3 Plus boots automatically when plugged in. When it boots up, you can choose the standard Android launcher or Ugoos’ TV-friendly launcher.


    Ugoos have pre-installed a couple of apps, including an app installer, a few Rockchip apps and Ugoos Kodi – a custom Kodi fork optimised for Ugoos devices.

    The Google Play store works and Over-The-Air (OTA) update functionality is built in too (though there weren’t any available).

    You’ll also get Ugoos’ various customisations baked into the OS, such as one-click rooting, hardware monitor and customisable fan and power LED settings.

    It’s added features like these which makes me really like Ugoos’ products.


    The Rockchip RK3288 is still one of the most capable chipsets around and it handles the OS well. I didn’t get to play around too much but it definitely felt responsive.

    I fired up Ugoos Kodi for a quick media playback test. My h.264 and h.265 samples played back perfectly. Automatic frame rate switching also worked once enabled in settings.


    I also tested streaming over wifi, streaming 4K h.264 videos without issue.

    HDMI In is the biggest differentiator here and Ugoos have included both HDMI recording and Picture-in-Picture (PiP) support.

    Picture-in-Picture can be enabled via the power menu (for some reason). When enabled, it’ll display a movable and resizable window that shows whatever you have connected to the HDMI In port.

    I’ve hooked up another Android box to the Ugoos UT3 Plus’ HDMI port

    HDMI recording is handled via the HDMI In app. It’s UI will immediately be familiar to those who have used Zidoo’s devices with HDMI recording such as the Zidoo X9.


    However, it’s clear that the recording quality has improved over the Zidoo X9. Videos have far less artifacts. I’ll upload a recording sample to my YouTube channel in the next couple of days.

    I also ran a few benchmarks. Despite the Rockchip RK3288 being somewhat old (in tech terms), it’s still one of the most powerful TV box chips around for both CPU and GPU performance and the benchmarks back this up.

    The Ugoos UT3 Plus scored 59289 on Antutu 6.2.1. 3DMark scores were also strong, achieving 14152 on Ice Storm Unlimited and 9307 on Ice Storm Extreme.

    Verdict So Far

    I’m really liking the Ugoos UT3 Plus at this stage. With the Rockchip RK3288 being a solid chip for apps and gaming, it’s clear Ugoos’ latest Android device has plenty of power.

    Adding in HDMI recording, Ugoos’ value-added features and strong customer support makes the Ugoos UT3 Plus a solid choice.

    Keep posted for my detailed review in the coming days.

    Getting One

    The Ugoos UT3 Plus isn’t available for purchase at the time of writing.

    However, GearBest have a listing showing it for around $118.

    Ugoos Release Firmware v0.0.6 for the UGOOS AM1 & AM2

    UGOOS have released firmware v0.0.6 for the Ugoos AM1 and Ugoos AM2 Android TV boxes.

    Ugoos, as usual, have added a host of new features and bug fixes in this firmware.

    Firmware v0.0.6 brings their Gamepad settings application, additional remote functions, and custom NTP server support (allowing you to sync with your preferred time server)


    I’ve embedded the full changelog below:

    New Features

    • Added Gamepad Settings to Ugoos settings
    • Daydream: added ability of disabling wake up from motions
    • Translation changes (TvSettings, Settings, reboot dialog)
    • AM1 RC: Added “Recent apps” button. Changed “mute” button (red button on RC)
    • AM1 RC: “play-pause” button now working
    • Added longpress event for “menu” button (hide/show status and navigation bars)
    • Added longpress event for “Recent apps” button (enable/disable mouse mode)
    • Added ability to enter NTP server (Date & time Settings)
    • TvSettings: added check input parameters for File server Settings
    • Changed boot animation


    • Fixed Voice Search microphone bug
    • TvSettings: Fixed crash bug of daydream timers
    • Fixed crash “UPDATE&BACKUP” bug
    • Fixed flashing of power menu from remote controller
    • Launcher3. Fixed focus indicator (hidebar bug)
    • Fixed sdcard mount bug

    You can download the update via OTA or from the UGOOS blog post.

    Ugoos Officially Release Ugoos UT3+ RK3288 Android Box with HDMI Recording

    It’s been a while since I wrote about the Ugoos UT3+, the company’s latest Android TV box powered by the Rockchip RK3288 and, most uniquely, featuring HDMI recording capability at up to 60fps.

    Today, Ugoos announced the official release of the Ugoos UT3+ on their blog and detailing some of the features we can expect.

    The key features are around the HDMI In and the capabilities it provides. Ugoos have used a Toshiba HDMI Input chip to handle playing content via HDMI which the company claims will allow frame rates up to 60fps to be supported. Recordings will be 1080p up to 60fps with stereo audio according to the announcement.


    Picture-in-Picture (PiP) is also supported, allowing you to display a feed from the HDMI connected device in a window or have it fullscreen if required.


    Ugoos have also said that the Ugoos UT3+ will also support their full suite of applications, including one-click rooting, file server, gamepad settings, hardware monitor and much more.

    Where to Buy the Ugoos UT3+

    Ugoos haven’t revealed a list of distributors yet but I’ll update this article when more information becomes available. However, GearBest have a listing showing it for around $118.

    Ugoos Release Firmware v1.1.2 for the UGOOS UT4

    UGOOS have released new firmware for the UGOOS UT4, bringing it up to v1.1.2. The company has been hard at work adding new features and fixing bugs.

    Firmware v1.1.2 brings with it a new Ethernet Switcher, allowing you to select additional Ethernet ports on the device (such as those connected via USB).

    HDMI Color mode support has been added, allowing you to select from a number of color modes, including RGB and YCbCr color spaces.

    Lastly, enhanced Automatic Framerate support has been added, allowing the framerate to be adjusted based on system resolution, video resolution priority or frequency resolution priority.

    I’m not 100% sure what the impact of these options are so I’m reaching out for more clarification

    I’ve embedded the full changelog below:

    • Fixed mount bugs
    • Improved playback
    • Fixed bug when the TV does not show image from hdmi after boot/reboot
    • Applied RKMC patches
    • Added autoframerate settings (Settings -> Display -> Autoframerate)
    • Added HDMI Color Mode Settings (Settings -> Display -> HDMI Color Mode)
    • Now state of connection to PC is saved after reboot
    • Fixed touch sounds bug
    • Added switcher of Ethernet interfaces (Settings -> Ethernet)
    • Gamepad Settings: fixed bug of “Delete Profile” button when there is no connected devices
    • Gamepad Settings: added mouse filter
    • Gamepad Settings: added reaction to connection / disconnection of devices
    • Ugoos Kodi v.16.1
    • Fixed wifi channels bug
    • Hardware Monitor: fixed crash sleep bug
    • Changed boot animation

    You can download the update via OTA or from the UGOOS blog post.

    Ugoos Launcher Now Available on Google Play

    Ugoos unveiled their new TV-friendly Android TV launcher in their recent firmware updates. Sporting a minimalist design using a circular category menu, pages of apps and various customisation options, their new launcher was a massive step forward for the company.

    Now Ugoos have released the Ugoos Launcher on Google Play, presumably allowing you to install it on any any Android TV box. Ugoos have said they’ve tested it on Rockchip, Amlogic, MStar and Allwinner processors.

    This will also allow Ugoos to push more frequent updates automatically rather than waiting for their users to update their box’s firmware. It’s already been updated to version 1.1, with improved performance and a number of usability tweaks.

    You can grab the Ugoos Launcher over at Google Play.

    Have you tried out the launcher? Let me know in the comments below.

    Ugoos AM1 v0.0.4 Firmware Released

    Ugoos have been hard at work, updating the firmware of their Amlogic S905-powered Ugoos AM1 to version 0.0.4.

    The company have fixed a number of bugs and added a whole bunch of new features. The key changes seem to upgrading the preinstalled version of Kodi to Kodi 16.0, adding support for Ugoos’ new IR remote, as well as adding a hardware monitor and file server.

    I’ve embedded the full changelog below:

    New Features

    • Usb: add usb host/otg switch
    • Added HW Monitor (network usage, cpu info, ram info)
    • Add Samba Server
    • Added “dismiss All” button in “Recents Tasks” menu
    • Add remote control switcher in settings AM1
    • App: update Kodi to 16.0
    • Bluetooth: enable transfer all file types
    • system: add device serial number from emmc serial
    • system: add firmware version to settings -> about


    • Rotation fix UI can’t fresh issue when click by mouse
    • System: hdcp: off due problems with black screen
    • System: wrong device name fix AM2
    • Gapps: crash fix
    • Amlogic commits merged

    Download links for the new firmware are available on the Ugoos Blog post.