MINIX NEO Z64 Impressions: A Quadcore Intel Z3735F Windows Mini PC

The MINIX NEO Z64 is a quadcore Intel mini PC running Windows 8.1 with Bing by famed mini PC manufacturer MINIX. I’ve had a chance to connect mine up and take it for a quick hands-on.

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PiPO W2F Windows Tablet Impressions

The PiPO W2F is a quadcore Windows tablet packing an 8 inch display, 32gb of storage and 2GB RAM. Powered by Intel’s Baytrail platform, this economical tablet is perfect for web browsing, word processing and the odd bit of gaming. Running Windows 8.1 with Bing means that you can run all your favorite desktop applications and take them with you – a luxury more expensive tablets such as the iPad can’t offer. I’ve been playing with the PiPO W2F for a week or so now so I thought I’d share my experiences with this quadcore Windows tablet so far.

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VOYO Mini PC Impressions

The VOYO Mini PC is a tiny Windows PC powered by a quad core Intel Baytrail processor that sells for about $130. Armed with 2GB of RAM and 64GB eMMC storage (double that of most competitors), is this the Windows PC to beat in the budget price range?

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UGOOS UT3S Impressions

My UGOOS UT3S has finally arrived so I’ve had an opportunity to connect it up so I thought I’d share my hands-on impressions with the UGOOS UT3S so far. The UGOOS UT3S comes in two variants (2GB RAM/16GB Storage and 4GB RAM/32GB Storage) and I was fortunate enough to test the 4GB variant. respectively.

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Rikomagic MK705 Review

Trying to find the best airmouse to control your HTPC can be a challenge. The Rikomagic MK705 combines airmouse functionality with a full QWERTY keyboard. Is this the perfect HTPC remote?

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No.1 G2 Smartwatch Review

Wearables is a massive growth area and growth is anticipated to continue into 2015. Whilst devices such as the Pebble have taken off, a number of other wearables supporting a single OS have entered the market such as the Apple Watch and Galaxy Gear.

The No. 1 G2 is a new device from the phone manufacturer which borrows heavily from the Galaxy Gear but offers both Android and iOS compatibility. 

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Zidoo X9 Review

Uniqueness is not something you often see in many of these android players. Having been using these boxes for so long, when you see something different,  it piques your interest. The Zidoo x9 does this on a few fronts. It’s the first. Device I’ve used that runs on an M star processor,  it has dual wifi antennas,  an LED panel and HDMI In. But do these unique features make it amazing?

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