iPega PG-9052 and PG-9053 Bluetooth Controllers Released

The iPega PG-9052 and iPega PG-9053 are the latest Bluetooth gamepads in company’s controller range.

Both offer compatibility with a variety of Bluetooth devices such as Android phones, iOS and Windows devices.

They also feature a built-in 300mAh lithium battery and telescopic stand which can hold smartphones with a screensize up to 6-inches.

However, with drastically different form-factors, each targets a different use case.

I’m a big fan of the company’s products, having used them for a number of years. In my recent iPega PG-9025 review, I found the controller had solid build quality and excellent compatibility, so I’m expecting the new controllers to maintain the status quo.

iPega PG-9052 Bluetooth Controller


The iPega PG-9052 is a compact controller much like the incredibly popular iPega PG-9017. Armed with a 300mAh lithium battery that is said to last 20 hours of use, the controller manages to pack in two analog joysticks, d-pad, 4 face buttons, 4 shoulder buttons, start and select buttons in addition to a phone holder that should fit a 6-inch phone.

iPega PG-9053 Bluetooth Controller


The iPega PG-9053 clearly targets the “hardcore” market, much like MOGA’s Pro controller range. The PG-9053 fits in the same buttons as the PG-9052 into a larger frame that should be more comfortable for extended gaming sessions.

Getting Them

For those of you interested in getting one of the controllers for yourselves, they are available from GearBest for around $25 at the following links: PG-9052 and PG-9053.


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Home Theatre Life

iOS compatibility would be limited to iCade support. It won’t support Apple’s new MFi standard.

Kelvin Hong
Kelvin Hong

Will you be doing a full review of these two?

Home Theatre Life

Hi Kelvin,

Depends if there is enough interest. I’m considering getting hold of the iPega PG-9052 as it looks like an excellent portable option for gaming on the go.

Which one are you interested in?

Kelvin Hong
Kelvin Hong

I’m looking to get the 9052 as well, but am a bit wary since there are no reviews. Also, if the 9033 (red version) has the same internals as the 9052, I’d probably go for that. I’ve emailed iPega, but no reply :/

Home Theatre Life

If it helps, check my review of the iPega PG-9025: http://hometheatrelife.com/ipega-pg-9025-review/

iPega make good quality controllers in my experience – I’ve got 2 that I use regularly.


Aren’t these just the full black versions of 9033 and 9037? Like the 9035 just seems like the black and blue version of the 9033 (red and black). The 9038 seems like the black and blue version of the 9037(red and black).

Home Theatre Life

Yep, certainly seems so. There could be some internal improvements that iPega haven’t mentioned. The black and blue variations are usually 2.4Ghz Wireless instead of Bluetooth. If If I manage to get one, I’ll see what differences I can find.