Rikomagic MK39 Review: Beastly Specs with Missed Potential

The Rikomagic MK39 is the latest Android TV box from the popular manufacturer. Packing the powerful hexacore Rockchip RK3399 processor and running Android 7.1.

In this review, we’re going to take a look at the device itself, video and gaming performance, as well as some benchmarks to answer the important question – is it worth your money? Keep reading my Rikomagic MK39 review to find out.

What is the Rikomagic MK39?

The Rikomagic MK39 is the company’s first Android TV box to feature the hexacore  Rockchip RK3399. It’s got some impressive specs, with 4GB of RAM, 32GB of onboard storage, wireless AC, Gigabit Ethernet and Bluetooth 4.1.

As an Android TV box, you can watch videos using Kodi, stream movies from Netflix, play your favorite Android games and more.

Key Features

  • Runs Android 7.1 – A recent version of Android
  • Powerful hexacore Rockchip RK3399 Processor with Mali-T860MP4 GPU
  • External wifi antenna for improved range

Where to Buy the Rikomagic MK39

The Rikomagic MK39 is available from Rikomagic’s official AliExpress store

Check Price at Aliexpress

Rikomagic MK39 Technical Specifications

Model Rikomagic MK39
CPU Hexacore Rockchip RK3399
GPU Mali-T864
Storage 32GB Onboard (expandable via micro SD)
Wifi Dual Band Wifi b/g/n/ac
Ethernet Gigabit
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.1
Operating System Android 7.1

What’s in the Box?

Rikomagic MK39 Review Inside the Box

Rikomagic only includes the bare essentials in the box:

  • The Rikomagic MK39 unit
  • Power Adapter
  • Infrared remote

Oddly, there’s no English user manual though I don’t think anyone reads them anyway.

Rikomagic MK39 Hardware

The Rikomagic MK39 is larger than I expected at 149x138x36mm. It’s still compact however, easily slotting into my home theatre rack.

The unit’s got a nice nice brushed metal look on top of the unit that does a pretty good job resisting fingerprints. All the ports are on the left and back sides of the device.

On the left side, we’ve got two USB 2.0 ports, USB Type C port and micro SD slot for expanding storage. Jumping around the back, we’ve got the (non-removable) wifi antenna, power in, optical out, 3.5mm headphone jack, HDMI out, a USB 3.0 port and Ethernet.

Speaking of the remote, it’s the same quality remote we’ve seen shipped with a number of other Android boxes in the past. Whilst its features are on the minimal side, there’s all the key Android and media controls available which should be fine for most users.

That said, I’d recommend picking up an air mouse for a better Android experience. See my picks for the best Air Mouse here.

Rikomagic MK39 Review IR Remote

Rikomagic MK39 Software

The Rikomagic MK39 ships with the same Rikomagic launcher we’ve seen on their other devices. It’s TV friendly, with large tiles that work well with a remote, but it’s showing its age. It’s just not as stylish as the sleek, modern-looking launchers we’ve seen from companies such as Zidoo.

Rikomagic MK39 Review MK39 Android Launcher

There’s a few hardcoded shortcuts for the browser, Google Play store and a couple of folders for games and online video. You’ve also got a customisable row of shortcuts along the bottom.

There’s a few apps pre-installed including a file manager, iPerf, Netflix, YouTube and a Miracast app for screen mirroring. You can also install your favorite apps and games via the Google Play store. Kodi is surprisingly absent, though you can easily install this yourself using our Kodi install guide.

One thing that is unique is that Rikomagic have installed the TV-friendly version of the Google Play store which is more suited for remote use. However, app keeps suggesting using voice search (something that can’t be done using the included remote) making it a frustrating experience.

Rikomagic MK39 Review MK39 Android Google Play

Speaking of frustrating, whilst the Rikomagic MK39 handles Android well, I encountered a few apps hanging or crashing whilst I was testing everything – including the OTA firmware update app. This is something that can likely be fixed in a future firmware update but its disappointing to have these issues out of the box.

Rikomagic MK39 Video Playback

Kodi 17.6 Splash Screen

Video playback was tested using Kodi 17.6 downloaded from the Google Play store.

After setting up Kodi, videos were played from a USB 3.0 thumb drive or streamed over wifi from my server’s NFS share.

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The Rikomagic MK39 did a decent job playing back my video samples inside Kodi, including both 4K H.264 and H.265 videos.

Automatic framerate switching wasn’t supported which was expected but I’m still disappointed that Android boxes are still being released without this feature working.

Codec Status Notes
1080p 3D SBS H.264
1080p 3D ABL H.264
1080p24 H.264
1080p High Bitrate H.264
1080p60 H.264
720p50 H.264
1080i25 H.264
4K 30FPS H.264
4K 60FPS H.264
1080p24 HEVC
4K 30FPS 8-bit HEVC
4K 30FPS 10-bit HEVC
1080p VP8
720p Hi10p Some dropped frames
1080p Hi10p
1080p MPEG2
1080p VC1
Unencrypted Bluray ISO (Sintel)

5.1 Audio Passthrough

Dolby Digital 5.1 passthrough over HDMI didn’t work at all – no matter what I tried.

After checking various formats, enabling audio transcoding in Kodi and even using the stock video player app, I couldn’t get anything aside from the odd buzz so there’s obviously a firmware issue here.


The Rikomagic MK39 isn’t Netflix-certified so streaming videos are limited to 480p (DVD resolution).

For more information about Netflix on Android TV boxes, check out my HD Netflix on Android guide.

Rikomagic MK39 Gaming Performance

Gaming performance was tested using using Crossy Road (Android) and Beach Buggy Racing (Android) using my GameSir G4S controller (read my review) via Bluetooth.

The Rockchip RK3399 boasts a powerful Mali-T864 GPU so you’d expect solid gaming performance.

2D titles were no issue and 3D titles such as Beach Buggy Racing and Riptide GP2 worked well even when maxed out at 1080p (though the latter did benefit from turning down the settings).

Whilst it’s not as powerful as the Nvidia Shield, those wanting to do some casual gaming or play games using emulators should be pleased with the Rikomagic MK39’s performance.

Rikomagic MK39 Benchmarks

Should You Buy the Rikomagic MK39?

The Rikomagic MK39 has some solid hardware under the hood with its 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Gaming performance was excellent too but it’s inability to handle 5.1 passthrough, automatic frame rate switching or HD Netflix make the Rikomagic MK39 one to avoid for home theatre use.

I really hope that the Rikomagic MK39 continues to get firmware updates, as it has the potential to be one of the best RK3399 devices out there (though that’s not exactly difficult given some of the competition).


  • Excellent performance thanks to RK3399 SoC
  • Android 7.1
  • Plenty of RAM and storage onboard


  • Firmware has issues
  • No 5.1 Audio Passthrough
  • 480p Netflix only

Where to Buy the Rikomagic MK39

The Rikomagic MK39 is available from Rikomagic’s official AliExpress store

Check Price at Aliexpress
Rikomagic MK39 Review Featured Image
Rikomagic MK39
The Rikomagic MK39 has some excellent hardware under the hood and has the potential to be the best RK3399 Android TV box. However, early firmware issues (particularly with audio passthrough) make this a difficult one to recommend.
Excellent performance thanks to RK3399 SoC
Android 7.1
Plenty of RAM and storage onboard
Firmware has issues
No 5.1 Audio Passthrough
480p Netflix only


Michael is a technology expert with over 15 years of experience in IT, Home Theatre and Automation. Feel free to send Michael a message here.

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